How Small Businesses Can Use AI to Accelerate Business Growth

By Aleah Balas

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In the past year, AI has become a pertinent topic in our lives, with the rapid implementation of tools like ChatGPT. In fact, a study from earlier this year by OpenAI found that AI will impact 80% of jobs. But what does this mean for small business owners? 


In celebration of Small Business Week, we dive into the ABCs of productivity inspired by media personality and entrepreneur, Amber MacArthur, which integrate AI tools that are changing the game for small business owners and are a great companion for the everyday entrepreneur hustle.

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

Automate Production 

When it comes to marketing, especially with social media, small business owners often seek tools to help support them. With the growth of AI technology, Amber notes that the ability to expedite social media content production has been a major area of focus. 


For instance, Jasper is an AI writer that can generate original content that is suitable for blogs, marketing copy and product descriptions. In a short amount of time, entrepreneurs can build entire social strategies with content ideas, as well as the appropriate copy to go with it, for months at a time.


Build Bandwidth 

By leveraging automation tools, Amber shares that entrepreneurs can find more bandwidth – both in time and mindshare – to successfully build and scale their business. There are now many tools that can alleviate many of the mundane tasks and free up time. 


A great example of this is, which uses AI to automatically write meeting notes with real-time transcription, recorded audio, automated slide capture, and automated meeting summaries. It is truly akin to having a team member take notes during a meeting, without having to have a team member on hand, which is especially useful for leaner teams. 

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

Choose Wellness 

With the boom of AI, Amber observes that it is no surprise that there are so many AI tools specifically designed with health and wellness in mind. Whether it is prioritizing health during work hours or making exercising from home easier and more fun, AI has the potential to democratize wellness, allowing Canadians greater access to helpful tools on their devices. Check out Woebot Health, a mental health app for people and businesses, with scalable, meaningfully engaging AI-powered therapeutic solutions. By offering alternative solutions, much-needed mental health support can be provided to those who may not be able to access it otherwise.

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

As small businesses continue to evolve and implement technology and digital solutions into their operations, the tools noted above are just scratching the surface when it comes to AI supports that can automate production, build bandwidth and help entrepreneurs choose wellness. 


In addition to these programs, it’s important to consider hardware as well. The LG gram laptop series are ultra-lightweight, compact, durable and powerful companions. Their portability and exceptional battery life make them the perfect tool for on-the-go entrepreneurs, enabling them to stay connected, manage their online resources, and drive their businesses forward with ease and efficiency. Many AI programs are incredibly powerful and require a device that is fast in order to reap the full benefits. With a robust 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, LPDDR5 6000 MHz RAM and an upgraded cooling system, the 2023 LG gram laptop lineup enables Canadian entrepreneurs to enjoy reliable performance for improved productivity, especially when delegating tasks to AI tools and supporting a work from anywhere environment.

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

Security is also a key consideration, especially for those who operate on the go. LG gram laptops feature LG Glance by Mirametrix®, an advanced face, eye, and gaze-sensing technology that harnesses the power of AI – particularly when users are in public spaces. Key features of LG Glance by Mirametrix® include Presence Detection which automatically locks or turns off the screen when the user leaves their laptop; Smart Display blurs the screen when they look away; Privacy Alert which shows an onscreen warning if someone looks over the user’s shoulder; and Privacy Guard, which blurs the screen if someone else is looking at the screen. 


And when it comes to wellness, the LG gram also delivers. The 20-20-20 Alert signals the user to rest their eyes and take a break every 20 minutes, encouraging them to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds before jumping back into their task(s). It also features a Posture Warning Alert that signals the user when they have bad posture and reminds them to straighten up.  


With AI tools and the LG gram by their side, small business owners can find new ways to grow their business and productivity. For more information about the LG gram lineup and to purchase visit


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