How the LG gram Powers Remote-First Entrepreneurs like Reetu Maz

By Aleah Balas

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Over the past few years, the concept of remote work has been normalized, allowing Canadians to work from home and explore other locations while still being productive. This has created a new spur of interest in the remote-first lifestyle, which allows both employees and entrepreneurs to work from anywhere, finding new opportunities for inspiration in the real world, outside the confines of a cubicle. In fact, approximately 31% of Canadian workers are fully remote, compared to even a few years ago when that number was just 6%.


Meet Reetu Maz: a Montreal-based content creator and entrepreneur who has embraced the digital-first lifestyle, and has seen great success in doing so. While there are new factors to take into consideration when working remotely, Maz enjoys the flexibility and creativity she gets from working from anywhere. 


“As an entrepreneur, you are often required to wear many hats, therefore the ability to work remotely is essential,” Maz says. “Just be prepared, especially if you’re working in a public space like a coffee shop or an airport lounge. Considerations include: ‘How long will my laptop’s battery last and where do I plug it in? What can people read or see if they’re peering over my shoulder?’ And even, ‘Am I going to get tired lugging around a heavy laptop all day?’”

Photo courtesy of Reetu Maz

Maz has found that having the right technology is key to a seamless transition from working in a traditional office environment to a flexible, on-the-go approach: “I love my LG gram laptop because it addresses many of the considerations that entrepreneurs have when they’re working remotely. The laptop has a long battery life, built-in AI privacy features and it’s ultra-lightweight—I can toss it into a handbag and go.”


The last few years have been instrumental for Maz as she works to grow her three businesses: an event venue, a brick-and-mortar-focused digital course, and her social platforms. Balancing these ventures can be a challenge, but she looks to the right tools for support, allowing her to work from anywhere. 


It’s important to have the right tools to complement my business goals and the on-the-go work lifestyle.  For me, this means having a laptop that is powerful, yet portable. I feel confident leaning on my LG gram for support because it can withstand long days and multitasking,” Maz noted. 


A key benefit of working remotely is just that – the ability to virtually work wherever you are. Sometimes for Maz, this means shaking it up. 

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

“I enjoy a change of scenery which means you can often find me working from my favourite coffee shop. With LG Glance by Mirametrix®, an innovative AI-based software, I know I can work on confidential documents with the privacy I need. With the Privacy Alert, I receive an onscreen warning if someone is looking over my shoulder, and the Privacy Guard will blur the screen if someone other than me is looking at the screen.”


The benefits of being a remote worker are plentiful, but as many Canadians have come to learn, the lines of work and life can easily be blurred. Maz explains that her biggest struggle is work-life balance, adding that “since I don’t have to clock in or clock out, I tend to just keep working until I’m tired which is not a good thing to do.”

Photo courtesy of LG Electronics Canada

To combat this, she is thankful for AI tools that help her prioritize her mental and physical health: “When I’m on a roll, it’s sometimes hard to remember to pause for a workout or even just time away from a screen. My LG gram laptop has me covered with the LG Glance by Mirametrix®, which also includes what is called a 20-20-20 alert. The alert reminds me to rest my eyes and take a break every 20 minutes, by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds.” As part of its digital wellness features, it also includes a Posture Warning that reminds users to straighten up. 


The road ahead is bright for innovators who are able to be agile and recognize where technology can bridge the gap for them. When asked what is next, Maz shared that she is excited to keep exploring new ways to work remotely while travelling the world with her LG gram by her side to support her growing businesses.


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