LG gram: A Case Study in the Ultimate Hustler’s Laptop

By Brennan March

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When co-founders and twin sisters Lindsay and Alexandra Lorusso started Nudnik – a Toronto-based online retailer that creates upcycled children’s wear – they understood what people meant when they spoke about the hustle of starting a new business. They learned that it is not uncommon to constantly be on the go and hustling to balance business and personal priorities while staying productive and growing the company. This trend extends to a large group people forging their own careers, living wherever they want, becoming entrepreneurs, and starting small businesses.

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to running a business. The Lorusso twins knew that hustling to success involved the right technology resources to ensure their small business thrived. “The pandemic forced us to be more transient after initially working with a shared, one-computer workspace,” recalls co-founder Lindsay Lorusso. “[Also] supporting young children with virtual learning, and our e-commerce website – it was a lot to navigate!”

Courtesy of LG Electronics.

While there may not be a one-size-fits all tool for businesses, the Lorusso’s LG gram is pretty darn close. The LG gram laptop is the ultimate hustler’s companion – lightweight at 1,999g, ultra-portable, a battery that lasts longer than you with 14 hours on a single charge, and the processing power to handle anything thrown your way.

“The LG gram is small but mighty – and we can effortlessly carry it from place to place,” says Lindsay. “We’ve come to appreciate the work-from-anywhere structure – working from home, a coffee shop, shared workspaces – even sometimes out of the country!”

Courtesy of LG Electronics.

Small businesses like Nudnik are the backbone of the economy – they make up 98.1 per cent of all employer businesses and employ 10.3 million individuals in Canada – and hustlers from across Canada need the right tools and support to thrive and grow in the current landscape.

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Checking emails, managing online sales, holding meetings from anywhere – the Nudnik co-founders use the LG gram for these tasks and everything in between. The LG gram’s software enables users to be more efficient and productive on top of its enhanced privacy and security which helps improve digital well-being. The laptop can charge anywhere with USB-C. The 12th Gen Intel Core Processor is more powerful than ever, providing the performance every hustler needs. Features like LG Glance by Mirametrix® uses AI software to blur the anti-glare display when a user steps away from the laptop or if someone is looking over their shoulder. The LG gram also reminds users to take a break from the screen when it senses they’ve been working too long.

For Nudnik and other small businesses, not only is the right technology essential, but the people you surround yourself with are crucial as well. Enter the Hustle Hub by LG gram Canada Facebook community, a dedicated group for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and other like-minded individuals to connect, network, access relevant information, and share ideas and resources. In Nudnik’s case, that support network goes a long way in crafting their customer value proposition.

Courtesy of LG Electronics

“I firmly believe that what you put in, you get out. Being involved with a community of people, like the Hustle Hub, gives you access to a fantastic place share to ideas, bounce things off one another, and support each other with insight, advice, and inspiration.”

Being an entrepreneur or side-hustler can be a challenging solo endeavour at times. For those who hustle, having the right tools can make all the difference in whether a business thrives. The Nudnik co-founders are just getting started. With support from the LG gram and Hustle Hub, anything is possible – and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.


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