Bertani Wines: Guardians of Amarone’s Rich Heritage and Future


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“Since you love Italian red wines, have you tried Amarone?”


Amarone della Valpolicella is a prestigious Italian wine crafted using the ancient technique of air-drying grapes. Its name, translating to ‘Great Bitter’ in Italian, distinguishes it from the sweeter Recioto of the same region. Produced mainly from Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella grapes in Valpolicella (including subzones like Classico and Valpantena), Amarone undergoes at least two years of aging (or longer for Riserva) to develop intense flavors of fig, chocolate, licorice, floral notes, and a hint of honey. It pairs excellently with roasted meats and exotic dishes.


Amarone producers have evolved over the years by experimenting with grape varieties, fermentation methods, and oak aging while preserving the wine’s iconic character. Some maintain traditional methods, reflecting deep respect for Amarone’s history.


Bottle of red Bertani wine on a wooden block.

Notable among these is Bertani, established in 1857, renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition. Bertani contributed to Amarone’s modernization and pioneered the ‘Ripasso’ technique, enhancing Valpolicella wine with Amarone grape lees.


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Bertani’s dedication to preserving indigenous grape varieties and traditional drying methods showcases reverence for the region’s viticultural heritage. Simultaneously, Bertani embraces sustainable practices and technology to refine winemaking processes. Their wines strike a harmonious balance between heritage and innovation, embodying Amarone della Valpolicella’s enduring legacy. Bertani rolling vineyards

Through their commitment to tradition and adaptation to modern tastes, producers like Bertani preserve Amarone’s essence while meeting evolving consumer preferences. Amarone continues to captivate with its rich history and evolving techniques, ensuring its place as a beloved Italian wine.