PHOTOS: GLORY Celebrates a Night of Luxury at No. 7 Dale


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On a beautiful May evening, GLORY Media co-hosted an exclusive spring soirée with Platinum Vista and Milborne Group to welcome Toronto’s VIP crowd and showcase the city’s newest luxury residences, No. 7 Dale.


Set against the backdrop of Toronto’s Rosedale ravine, this boutique collection of condos is one of the city’s most coveted addresses, promising sophistication and exclusivity.


Upon arrival, guests were greeted by a display of Audi‘s finest—the SQ8 SB e-tron and the e-tron GT, showcasing the pinnacle of automotive luxury. The air buzzed with excitement as attendees explored these automotive marvels, setting the tone for an evening of elegance.


The soirée’s indulgences continued with a curated Scotch-tasting experience featuring the distinguished Bowmore 18-year-old. Not to be outdone, Panerai and L’ORO presented an exquisite selection of luxury timepieces, allowing guests to try on the timeless treasures.


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Culinary maestros Daniel et Daniel ensured that the evening’s fare matched the event’s grandeur, with a spread that encouraged mingling and networking. As guests savoured the gourmet offerings, they were also treated to exclusive tours of No. 7 Dale, each step through the property reaffirming its status as the epitome of luxury living.


In true GLORY style, the VIP Spring Soirée was not just an event; it was an experience—a testament to refined taste, luxurious living, and the timeless art of sophisticated celebration.


Relive the evening in photos below. (Photography: FJ Sarmiento for Arthur Mola)