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👠✨️ Ever wondered how the iconic red soles of Louboutin's (@LouboutinWorld) shoes became synonymous with luxury and style? 

Dive into the captivating story behind this fashion phenomenon in our latest video! From humble beginnings to global recognition, discover the journey of Louboutin's signature red soles and the creative genius behind them. 🎨

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Leonard Brody (Co-founder, Caravan): Is a Celebrity Partnership Right for Your Brand?

Leonard Brody is an award-winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and bestselling author. As co-founder of Caravan, a venture with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the two-time Emmy-nominated media visionary shares insights with Lance about the intricacies of building ventures for global icons like Carrie Underwood and Tom Hanks, and what brands should consider before entering into a partnership with celebrity talent.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Are we in the golden age of celebrity entrepreneurship? Or are we approaching celebrity brand burnout?

How has the landscape of celebrity entrepreneurship evolved over the years?

How does research create the foundation of a successful celebrity partnership?

What is the difference between an endorsement, licensing, and partnership?

What is the profile of the ideal celebrity entrepreneur?

What are some of the safeguards that business owners can build in crisis PR moments where a celebrity has lost the public’s goodwill and trust?

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Jens Grede (CEO, SKIMS): How to Build a Celebrity-Driven Legacy Brand

You may know SKIMS for its celebrity co-founder, Kim Kardashian, but are you aware of its other co-founder? On this episode of Mission Critical, SKIMS CEO and co-founder Jens Grede joins Lance to talk about his fascinating entrepreneurial journey, his experience working with Kim, and the evolution of the celebrity-driven brand.

Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

What makes a great brand?

How Nike’s Jordan brand influenced his and Kim’s perspective on building SKIMS.

How to harness culture to build your business.

The impact of social media on the culture of fame and commerce.

The evolution of the celebrity-driven brand.

The biggest factor that has contributed to the success of SKIMS.

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GLORY Features: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cybersecurity with Leigh Tynan

In GLORY Features, we’re expanding our podcast to bring you more guests and their expert advice on what small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders should know, today. In this episode, host Lance Chung sits down with Leigh Tynan, Director of Online Security at TELUS. Tynan brings her wealth of experience to the table, offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of cybersecurity, discussing the latest trends, emerging challenges, and the proactive measures individuals can take to fortify their digital defenses.

In a world where information is both currency and vulnerability, understanding the truths behind cybersecurity becomes paramount. Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode:

The state of cybersecurity today.The key misconceptions around online security.What entrepreneurs and small business owners can do to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats. The specific tools and software available for individuals to enhance their cybersecurity.

Coco Rocha (Model): Lessons from the Catwalk on Success, Self-Advocacy, and Mentorship

Over the years, society has had to reckon with much-needed change in order to build a more equitable future. Like many other cultural institutions, the fashion industry has not been quick to change. Thankfully, there are those within the ecosystem who have pushed for progress by empowering others and embracing innovation.

At the forefront of this change stands supermodel Coco Rocha, a name synonymous with the industry’s transformation. One of the first in her generation to recognize the power of social media as a platform for agency and independence, she instilled a turning point for the fashion industry and its ability to advocate for itself. Beyond the catwalk, she’s pioneering the next generation of models through her groundbreaking Coco Rocha Model Camp. 

In this episode, Lance and Coco discuss her entrepreneurial path, advocacy efforts, and what the future holds for fashion.

This episode was sponsored by TELUS SmartWear Security. Learn more here: www.telus.com/en/smartwear-security

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Find Your "Why" - For writer and comedian @AllanaHarkin, creating connections and collaborating on her next project is what gets her up in the morning. What's your "why"?

In our latest edition of @missioncriticalpodcast Live, presented by Veuve Clicquot, Harkin outlines how these moments of creative cooperation help her maintain a childlike joy. To listen to our full episode with Harkin, head to Mission Critical on Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc.

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A Peek Into Our Exclusive, Woman Of The Year Woman's Panel

A Peek Into Our Exclusive, Woman Of The Year Woman's Panel