GLORY 30X30: Meet the Class of 2024
Our annual GLORY 30X30 celebrates thirty remarkable Canadian leaders who are redefining their industries, reshaping communities, and changing the way we work and connect with each other. From tech disruptors revolutionizing their fields to artists creating cultural paradigms, the GLORY 30X30 honourees embody the definition of Canadian excellence. Meet the 30X30 Class of 2024. Share […]

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GLORY 30X30 2024
An Italian greyhound wearing a long tulle dress adorned with flowers sitting on a rock in front of some foliage.
Feature image of Briony Douglas. Her hair is wavy brown and she is twirling it with a finger. She is wearing a red summer dress.
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Photo of Allegra Shaw sitting on a chair and looking at the camera.
Sunny from My Bollywood Body in the gym listing a dumbbell.
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Sasha Exeter posed in front of a blue glass background. She is turned slightly sideways and looking at the camera.