How George Springer Prepares for the Season

By Aleah Balas

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George Springer has done it all in his career as an MLB player—from winning a World Series in 2017 to being a four-time League All-Star and a two-time Silver Slugger Award. But away from the spotlight, heading into his 11th season as a pro, Springer is more focused than ever on keeping himself in game-ready shape, mentally and physically. 


Now, just weeks in the season, Springer is sharing the keys to his game, and how he stays ahead of the curve. While his preparation and daily maintenance has several facets, it all comes back to one principle—staying strong—including his habits, his body, his mind, and his teeth are no exception


“Consistency is key,” he says. “By showing up for yourself and putting in the work, you’re able to show up for your team even better.” This holds true for the baseball star when it comes to setting himself for success, both on and off the field. 


“Even small changes can go a long way – take it one day at a time with a strong routine, and it pays off.” 


Playing over 160 games in a six-month span, the consistency of core routines has proven to be beneficial for the outfielder. Springer boasts about having a strong set of rituals that he practices daily. 

George Springer wearing a blue t-shirt on a sunny balcony and holding a pronamel package with a black baseball mitt and smiling into the camera.

“My morning routine is pretty simple, I get up in the morning around 7 am, and immediately brush my teeth with Pronamel Active Shield – the best defence for my tooth enamel against cavities,” he says. “Then it’s a quick face wash, a cup of coffee, playtime with my boys, and if I can swing it, a healthy smoothie for the road.”


Springer understands that defending on the field starts with defending his own health – including protecting his oral health against cavities with strong enamel. While tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body, once it’s lost, it cannot be repaired. Defending tooth enamel is crucial to keep your teeth looking brilliant and strong. Similar to consistency in training, consistency in defence is key for long-term results.


When it comes to an evening routine, Springer highlights his priority on family, and focus on keeping things simple.  


“After chasing the kids around and putting them to bed, I like to relax and prepare myself for the next day. I wish I had a 10-step skincare routine, but really, I’m a simple guy. Before I head to bed, number one on my routine is making sure to brush my teeth with Pronamel Active Shield.” 


Springer also highlights the importance of building a foundation of wellness practices that help make routines habitual and healthy. In line with the work he’s putting in on the field, he draws parallels when it comes to his health: “I’m a big believer in maintaining a strong wellness approach that strengthens both my oral health and on-field performance. Just like I’m defending on the field, defending tooth enamel is crucial to keep your teeth looking brilliant and strong.” 


George Springer wearing a blue t-shirt in a kitchen and holding a pronamel package and smiling into the camera.

Now that the season is in full swing, he has a new routine – well, renewed, that is. In the league for over a decade, the veteran has honed his routine to maximize performance and ensure he has enough time for life off the field, too. 


“I try and treat game days the same way I would a normal day. Getting in as much family time as possible always calms me down. If we happen to be on the road then I like to make sure I get some quiet solo time before the game, to rest my mind and reset. Then it’s business as usual!” 


The most important ingredient? Family. 


“Home is my happy place—and I prioritize being able to spend meaningful time with them, anywhere from making them breakfast to demolishing monster trucks – whatever they want to do, I just want to be there with them.” 


After perfect preparation in the winter months, he has done what he needs to do to be ready for the season ahead, and he’s excited about what’s on deck. 


“We have a talented team and a lot of opportunities this season. Of course, the whole team wants to win. The whole team has put in a lot of work in training and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.”