7 Mom Entrepreneurs Reflect On And Celebrate The Last Year

By Selena Romero

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“Mom.” The three-letter word seems so small given the magnitude of all that she does. You see, “mom” is a lifelong best friend, a trusted confidant, a nurse at times, and a superhero all the time. She gives the best hugs and she offers the best advice. And while Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, she deserves to be celebrated every single day.

For the following moms, their role expands past the average scope—they’re not only building families but companies too. From fashion and beauty to women’s health and wellness, these mamas are shining reminders that women can have it all.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Bay Street Bull asked seven mom entrepreneurs about their favourite part of building a business while building a family, the lessons they’ve learned during the pandemic, and what advice they’d give to other moms during this time.

From Bay Street Bull to all of the hard-working moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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