The Power 50: Canada’s Most Impactful Companies 2021


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For so long, Canada has been known as the quiet and unassuming nation that shyly whispered its accomplishments from the sidelines. Those days are over. 

Canada has much to be proud of and as we continue to further establish ourselves as leaders on the global stage, we’ve found our voice—and we’ve got something to say. 

We believe in progress. We believe in innovation and evolution. We believe in community, in supporting local businesses while simultaneously cheering for homegrown brands that have set forth to conquer the world. 

Our guide to Canada’s most impactful companies is just about that—making a difference. Within the 2021 Power 50, you’ll find a group of game-changing companies (some familiar, some you may never have heard of) that are redefining their respective industries to be more resilient, efficient, and thoughtful. Beyond that, the last year and a half has proven to be a trying time for a variety of reasons. From providing pandemic relief to supporting underrepresented communities, these are also the companies (and the people who are leading them) that understand the value of community.

Combined, these are all stories worth telling—triumphs of ingenuity and compassion that speak to what it means to build a company and community in Canada.

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