HUAWEI’s New FreeBuds 4i Are Perfect for the Modern Professional

By Margaux Perrin

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HUAWEI made a grand entrance when it introduced its new FreeBuds 4i, earbuds that are the perfect match for any lifestyle. Complete with a fresh new design, they’re a prerequisite for the modern professional in need of a device that can be relied upon.

Earbuds have always been an essential fixture in our tech arsenal but this past year proved their necessity even more with a crammed schedule of zoom meetings and work calls mixed in with a regular rotation of workout playlists and your favourite podcasts. Now, more than ever, these tiny but mighty devices are critical to the modern professional for both work and leisure.

Getting ready to board a flight sometime in the near future? Before you depart, charge your FreedBuds 4i earbuds and you’ll be good to go for the duration of your flight, even if you’re flying from Vancouver to Paris! The 10-hour guaranteed non-stop playback time also comes in handy if you’re taking back-to-back zoom meetings for your entire workday—you never have to take them off, especially since the new design is tailored to ensure they fit in your ear without any discomfort after a couple of hours.

The Freebuds 4i also has active noise cancellation, a feature usually only available on earbuds that surpass the $300 price range. The new addition comes in handy to drown out background noise, whether that’s while you navigate the concrete jungle or simply need to block out your partner’s zoom call in the next room over. HUAWEI designed the FreeBuds 4i to solve that problem by using two microphones in the earbuds to detect ambient noise and work to reduce it.

Not only do they cancel outside noise, but the earbuds also make sure the sound you do hear (whether it’s your favourite music, a podcast, or your colleagues talking on the other end of a call) is crystal clear. Combined, these two features give you the ultimate sound experience you need and deserve.

The earbuds come in four different colours: Carbon Black, Ceramic White, and their brand new addition, the Silver Frost.

HUAWEI hit the market at the perfect moment last year with their new and carefully designed Freebuds 4i. Even if you’re in a rush and can only charge them for 10 minutes, that’s enough to keep you powered for up to four hours of use.

Professional, beautiful, and comfortable—what else do you need?