The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Fits More Than Just Your Wrist

By Christopher Metler

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fusing versatility, style, and functionality, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro has officially launched in Canada. It boasts all the complex features of a contemporary smartwatch while still living up to the lofty standards and sophistication of traditional luxury timepieces. 

Since first impressions count, the quality of the watch’s materials are immediately evident. Polished by master artisans for a three-dimensional finish, the Titanium edition’s strong (yet decidedly lightweight) case has been developed to withstand the test of, ahem, time. The display is produced from sapphire glass, an element as hard as a diamond. It renders the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro scratch-resistant. 

To take the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro’s Ceramic edition from zirconia ceramic powder to the finished product, the high-tech ceramic at the back goes through over 60 processes.

Huawei watch gt 3 pro ceramic

But let’s go a step beyond its technique and skip most of the requisite tech specs. After all, this is a watch that will as easily turn heads as it will elevate your athleticism and health consciousness. 

Looking at the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro through the lens of lifestyle — fashion and fitness foremostly — it becomes clear that the cutting-edge chronometer is a natural fit for more than just your wrist.

On the fashion front, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is influenced by the look and feel of haute couture watches from high-end fashion houses. Its Titanium edition showcases a premium design with modern industrial elements, whereas its Ceramic counterpart emphasises elegance. Both represent a marriage between exquisite artistry and aesthetics.

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As fashion becomes ever more intrinsically linked with art itself, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro further draws inspiration from The Birth of Venus, the celebrated composition from Sandro Botticelli. The Italian painter’s masterpiece is evident in its gold and silver seashell pattern on the bezel, as well as its 24 exquisite wave pattern designs.

Wear it for a power lunch, premiere, or private party. Wear it to a runway show in New York or Milan. Wear it when you’re out upscale shopping or gallery hopping – wear it casual or formal, anywhere, anytime.

As for its fitness-first faculties, an Intelligent Running Plan feature is among the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro’s hundred-plus workout modes. Accounting for your performance goals, it assists in creating a personal running plan based on your physical and running history. 

huawei watch gt 3 pro titanium

It also assesses data such as distance, heart rate, pace and more to offer professional advice that evolves with you. The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro proceeds to synchronise this data with other compatible devices, including over 60 global workout apps. You can even receive regular reminders on your exercise habits and health challenges in addition to your daily water and medication intake, mindfulness, sleep needs, and more. 

There are new sports features, too. The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro introduces the first-ever free-dive mode. Having required 200 rounds of water pressure testing, it achieves breakthrough diving-level water-resistant performance, which can support free diving up to 30 metres deep.

Wear it when jogging around the neighbourhood or doing circuits at the track. Wear it throughout everyday living or for more holistic habits. Wear it on that upcoming oceanside or at-sea excursion.

 Appropriately enough, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro inherits the ultra-long battery life of its non-Pro predecessor. The Titanium edition can last two weeks on a single charge. While the Ceramic edition holds one week along with wireless fast-charging capabilities to ensure it’s as expeditious as it is effortless to juice back up when you’re on the move.

It’s another punctuation on the statement that the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Series won’t just keep up with your en vogue and active, adventurous lifestyle — it will lead it to the next level.


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