How the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro Redefines the Future of Wearable Tech

By Erin Nicole Davis

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HUAWEI simplifies the daily grind with the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro, a smart timepiece that integrates into the daily lifestyle of the modern person on the go. The polished Titanium watch body features a 48-millimeter touch-sensitive screen with a pane of ultra-curved 3D sapphire glass and a durable titanium strap, culminating to an elegant and eye-catching design. On top of a professional look, staying updated on your messages is easy with the device’s ability to receive social media and text notifications as you navigate your day. With a daily life assistant, you can also perform tasks with ease. Celia, HUAWEI’s Personal Voice Assistant, can help you make calls, control your devices, and access your various notifications seamlessly. And the Remote Shutter feature can help you get the perfect shot by controlling your phone’s camera using the crown to zoom in and out. 

Smartwatch on man's wrist
Photo: Huawei

Looks-wise, the stylish watch strikes a harmonious balance between smartwatch and traditional timepiece aesthetics. For those who like to switch things up visually, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro comes with 30 pre-installed faces, with the option of over 1,000 other designs available on the HUAWEI Watch Face Store. 

But the timepiece is more than its multifaceted good looks; powered by Harmony OS, it offers ultra-intelligent, tech-forward experience involves features like a 3D rotating crown that offers tactical feedback (a brand new user experience), third party apps from the HUAWEI AppGallery like Easy Voice Recorder and many more, Bluetooth calling, and music playback.

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Photo: Huawei

Perhaps most appreciated by today’s pavement pounders, however, are the watch’s futuristic fitness capabilities. Like a trusted wellness coach, the watch helps on the health and fitness journey front, with professional workout data and 24/7 health monitoring that goes beyond the basics. 

With the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro, there’s also a suite of health-related features. Wearers can know their SpO2 and heart rate instantly via TruSeen TM4.5, which uses advanced light technology to accurately detect blood oxygen molecules and heart rate readings, even in low-temperature, high-altitude conditions. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 monitor can accurately identify six typical sleep problems and provide suggestions for improvement, like meditation and sleep guided exercises. In addition, the watch’s Skin Temperature Detector allows wearers to know right away if their temperature is high—something that’s especially appreciated in today’s climate. Using acceleration, gyroscope, and sounds from the microphone, there’s even a 20-second handwashing timer to keep your sanitation up to snuff. 

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro is also a wearable full-feature fitness tracker, with over 100 workout modes that include 19 pro modes, modes for indoor and outdoor sports, and 85 custom modes, with automatic exercise detection for the six most common types of workouts. The watch even has new features like handwashing detection (a sign of the times) and fall detection. 

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Photo: Huawei

Easing stress, it also shines in the reliability department with an exceptionally long battery life. The watch is equipped with a dual-chipset architecture to not only enhance performance power but also achieve more balanced processing. Combined with the Smart Power-Saving Algorithm 3.0, this means battery life that can last for seven days on a typical use, or up to 21 days on ultra-long battery mode.

Adding to the convenience factor, along with the touchscreen, the watch is also controlled through a side button and a fully rotatable crown. 

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Photo: Huawei

Finally, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro covers all of the bases privacy-wise by providing comprehensive protection to safeguard users’ data privacy and seeking users’ express consent before any data is logged. The HTTPS encryption secures the data in transit, providing users with peace of mind while they take advantage of the benefits of Huawei’s health and fitness features. 

Not only does the watch excel on multiple fronts, it’s also one of the best looking tech-packed watches on the market, making it worth every penny. 

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