11 Branded Podcasts to Take Inspiration From

By Alison Osborne

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over the past few years, we’ve watched branded podcasts continue to rise as a powerful marketing medium for many companies. A study by BBC found that branded podcasts lift awareness by 89 percent, brand favourability by 24 percent, brand consideration by 57 percent, and purchase intent by 14 percent. These are just a few statistics that prove podcasting is an effective tool to boost brand awareness. With no sign of slowing down, branded podcasts are continuing to be a channel that companies are either already utilizing, sponsoring, or in the beginning stages of exploring. Below we break down 11 branded shows that have done a successful job in achieving the company’s goal while offering resources to consumers.

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Alison Osborne is the Director of Growth Marketing at Quill Inc., an award-winning production
company specializing in corporate podcasts. Previously the co-founder and CMO at Origins
Media Haus (a production agency acquired by Quill Inc.), Alison is an experienced growth
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