8 Must-Listen Branded Podcasts for International Podcast Day 2023

By Tianna Marinucci

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With audiences almost as likely to listen to branded content as a celebrity show, branded podcasts are truly making audio waves in the industry. 


This data comes at an exciting time as International Podcast Day was on September 30th. To celebrate, we curated a list of 8 branded podcasts we think are paving the way for companies in audio. 


These podcasts showcase the incredible storytelling prowess and innovation of today’s leading brands in podcasting that you won’t want to miss.

Powering Travel by Expedia


Step into the world of travel and hospitality with Powering Travel by Expedia. Hosted by Brandon Ehrhardt, Senior Director of Partner Programs at Expedia Group, this podcast brings together hospitality trailblazers to uncover the latest tips and trends in travel. Each episode combines expert interviews, cutting-edge research, and data-driven analysis, delivering actionable insights for travel enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. 

Contributors by CAAT Pension Plan


Hosted by Russell Evans, the VP of Communications at CAAT Pension Plan, Contributors showcases insights from Canadian entrepreneurs, business leaders, and decision-makers on new opportunities for innovation and the future of the country’s economy. Some of their notable guests include Victor Dodig, the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and Dr. Susan Black, President and CEO of the Conference Board of Canada. Guests like these provide interesting insight into the exciting, new, and emerging companies in the Canadian business landscape that you likely won’t hear anywhere else. 

Tell Me What Happened by OnStar


Tell Me What Happened by OnStar takes listeners on a heart-pounding journey through unexpected twists of fate. From picturesque mountain drives gone wrong to idyllic ocean swims turned deadly, this podcast recounts the riveting stories of people who must depend on the courage and compassion of strangers. Join host, Dr. Torah Kachur, a renowned CBC Radio One national science columnist, on a weekly exploration of gripping stories that showcase the remarkable ways people come together when it matters most.

Dear Headspace by Headspace


Whether you’re seeking solace after a hectic day, guidance on life’s challenges, or simply a fresh perspective, Dear Headspace is your direct line to expert meditation teachers. Aiming to support and enlighten, this captivating Headspace original podcast offers a virtual sanctuary for mindfulness seekers. 

Wild Ideas Worth Living by REI


Wild Ideas Worth Living is the ultimate podcast for adventure enthusiasts and those with daring dreams. Join host and seasoned journalist/explorer, Shelby Stanger, on thrilling journeys through high-impact interviews with world-class explorers, athletes, authors, scientists, health experts, and entrepreneurs. Discover how these remarkable individuals turned their wildest ideas into reality, providing you with the inspiration and knowledge to embark on your own extraordinary adventure.

Around the Barrel by Jack Daniel’s


Around the Barrel takes listeners on a captivating journey through the rich history and captivating tales surrounding Mr. Jack Daniel, his renowned distillery, and the world-famous whiskey that emerges from the picturesque hollows of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Hosted by Lucas Hendrickson, this podcast aims to bring these stories to life and share them with whiskey enthusiasts and curious listeners alike. 

What Should I Do With My Money by Morgan Stanley


What Should I do With my Money? bridges the gap between real people seeking financial guidance and seasoned financial advisors ready to provide expert insights. In each episode, listeners will be immersed in real-life dilemmas – from navigating the housing market to preparing for the soaring costs of higher education. Hosted by Jamie Roô of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, this podcast not only tackles pressing financial queries but also underscores the transformative power of meaningful conversations, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking clarity and direction in their financial journey.

Mission Critical by GLORY Media


Mission Critical explores the values and purpose of today’s most influential and visionary leaders. In each episode, host Lance Chung, Editor-in-Chief of GLORY Media, introduces a fresh face on the scene. Whether it be an ingenious entrepreneur or a transformative cultural luminary, all of their guests are not only reshaping their communities but also redefining the norms of their industries. Featuring guests like Jonathan Van Ness and Jeanne Beker, Mission Critical will inspire you to pursue excellence in your everyday endeavors.

Tianna Marinucci is a Toronto-based marketer and content writer. You can find her writing about all things audio at Quill and CoHost.