#Tech+Biz4SickKids is on a Mission to Raise $1M Annually


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#Tech+Biz4SickKids has recently launched a new campaign with a fresh team of ambassadors from Canada’s tech sector to fuel support for SickKids. In addition to the new ambassadors, #Tech+Biz4SickKids has pulled together a council led by co-chairs Fatima Zaidi, CEO and founder of Quill, and Lauren Arnold, co-founder of Category Communications. The 2024 #Tech+Biz4SickKids council includes Erin Bury, Lindsay Silverberg, Laura Gabor, Karen Moores, and Kimberly Basian. 


#Tech+Biz4SickKids is on a mission to galvanize the innovation and corporate community to raise $1 million per year for SickKids’ Precision Child Health campaign, which aims to diagnose faster, treat smarter, and predict better.

We had a chance to catch up with three of #Tech+Biz4SickKids’ ambassadors, Abdullah Snobar, Daria Hill, and Kate Grant, to learn more about why giving back to SickKids is so important to them and their organizations.

Abdullah Snobar standing in a white shirt and smiling into the camera against a white background.

Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director of DMZ and CEO of DMZ Ventures.


What is special about the tech ecosystem when it comes to philanthropy and galvanizing around an important cause?


Our entire community is built on innovation and grit; it’s baked into our DNA. We’re relentless and can bounce back from any failure, which are the exact traits needed to move the needle in philanthropy and make a real impact.


The tech ecosystem loves to obsess over problems and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Where others see challenges, we see an opportunity to innovate, discover blind spots and bring unique perspectives. 


How does DMZ bake community and philanthropy into its DNA?


Community is a strong pillar of DMZ’s foundation, and I truly believe it’s our competitive advantage. We take great pride not just in what we do, but how we do it.


‘Founders first’ (one of DMZ’s founding values) means that we’ve always stayed true to our ethos by doing what’s best for our startup founders. We’re impact-driven and strive to be a contributor to the ecosystem rather than just another player. We consider every aspect of our founders’ needs, from the programming we develop, the quality of the coffee we serve, the tailored mentorship we provide and our international expansion plans to help them break into new markets.

Daria Hill headshot wearing a black blazer and white shirt. She has shoulder-length blond hair and is smiling into the camera with a cityscape in the background.

Daria Hill, VP Corporate Communications at Meridian


Why is supporting SickKids important to you?


The strength of SickKids also lies in the individuals, communities and companies who can support the miracle work. No matter how small or big each donation can be, the impact is limitless.


Why is it more important than ever for companies and leaders to be getting involved with their communities through giving back?


No matter what your position in a company, know that you can impact your community within your role by volunteering, influencing change, advocating for causes, showing up to events, speaking up, donating and more. Helping others breeds empathy, love and healing. This kindness spreads. Be the change you want to see for the world. 

Kate Grant, Business Advisor at Fasken


Why is giving back to the community, through #Tech+Biz4SickKids, important to you and the team at Fasken?


Getting involved with #Tech+Biz4SickKids was an easy yes for our team at Fasken. We have always admired the work this organization does, as it combines our love of the tech ecosystem with our passion for helping others.


Members of our team have personally witnessed and received the tremendous care delivered at SickKids. When #Tech+Biz4SickKids reached out to us, we saw an opportunity to bring awareness through our incredible network of founders, investors and ecosystem partners. We’re optimistic that our involvement will have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on the tech and business communities.


What are ways that other companies can bake philanthropy and community support into their culture?


This is a key topic of conversation for many organizations and there are a few key ways that we’ve integrated philanthropy and community into our culture. First, we look for causes that have a personal connection to our team members. That personal connection helps our team see the real-world impact of our contributions, which generates a phenomenal amount of pride and encourages the team to remain involved.  


Second, we’re very purposeful about having a team culture that shares a common set of core values, including an appreciation of the power of giving back. Although we have a diverse team across the country, we all believe deeply in those core values. As a result, our team is always eager to get involved when the opportunity arises.  


Third, we make sure the team has bandwidth to support important causes. We have to be selective about the organizations we support, because time is one of our most valuable resources. As a result, we look for organizations who will create asymmetric upside for the community and then we make sure our team has the time and space to contribute meaningfully.