Alysha Newman is Going for Gold in Paris 2024

By Lance Chung

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As Alysha Newman sets her sights on the Paris 2024 Olympics later this summer, she’s not just aiming high; she’s re-envisioning what excellence means to her.


The Canadian pole vaulter, renowned for her dynamic performances and record-breaking feats, has consistently raised the bar for herself and contemporaries, alike. In many ways, her journey to the Olympic podium has been a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and focus despite the distractions and injuries that have come up along the way. In her pursuit of success, she’s not just flying high; she’s pushing beyond her own limits to leave a legacy in the clouds.


As she packs her bags to head to Paris later this summer, Newman shares her thoughts on the 2024 Olympics while wearing this season’s style standouts for GLORY Upgrade.

Alysha Newman seated and leaning back on a plush rug wearing a knitted dress. Her leg is crossed overtop the other and the dress is flowing off screen.
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Alysha Newman side profile wearing a white top with bows on the shoulders. Her hand is slightly in her pocket and she is wearing a white Rado watch.
Chloé top and bottom, available at Holt Renfrew; Tiffany & Co. earrings; Rado watch.
Alysha Newman sitting on a shag carpet wearing a sheer lace top and leather shorts with her legs crossed over and brown leather sandals.
Hermés shirt, shorts, an shoes; Bottega Veneta earrings. Rug by Sundays.

What does it mean to be representing Canada in the Olympics this year?


Alysha Newman: The best feeling is being able to put the maple leaf on my chest every four years. I’m not just representing myself or my team, but my entire country. It’s an honour. There are really no words to describe what it feels like to represent Canada other than, you have to show up and show out. 


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What are your personal expectations for Paris 2024?


Alysha Newman: I want nothing less than the podium. That is my expectation. But, I have to always remember that I started out in this sport to have fun and I want to celebrate that. I want to know that I’m having fun, and the medals will come with that. 

Portrait of Alysha Newman wearing a light blue knitted tunic with a keyhole cutout. Her hair is brown and she has striking blue eyes.
Fendi top
Alysha Newman kneeling confidently with one knee and an arm on a plush white lounge chair. She is wearing a light blue knitted top and colour blocked skirt with white high-heel shoes.
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Alysha Newman wearing a white blazer. Her arms are raised. One is covering her left eye and the other is covering her mouth. She is wearing a Rado watch.
BOSS jacket; Bottega Veneta earrings; Rado watch.

What do you think is the most powerful way that you have evolved as an athlete over the course of your career?


Alysha Newman: The most powerful way I’ve evolved as an athlete was learning about myself. Learning about my weaknesses (even when I didn’t want to know about them) and strengths has only helped me raise the bar higher. You can’t be afraid to go head-on into your fears and your doubts. That’s when you actually grow and learn the most. Failure is good, that’s where you grow. 


How do you stay focused and build yourself up throughout the training process?


Alysha Newman: I think we put pressure on ourselves. My team and my [community] are just so proud that I am there. The unnecessary pressure is me putting it on myself when I am training. I don’t need to be so hard on myself, I can be a lot nicer. I have to let myself know that I’ve made it and I’ve arrived. I have to enjoy it. 

Alysha Newman reclining against a green cushion on a shag carpet. Her hand is draped overtop her head and she is wearing a light blue dress with gold hardware.
GLORY magazine cover featuring Alysha Newman wearing a blue one-shoulder dress with gold hardware and a white Rado watch.
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Light blue dress on a woman wearing a white Rado watch.
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What does glory mean to you?


Alysha Newman: When I hear that world, I feel like I’m on top of the world. It’s something that I want to represent. I want to show out, show up, and feel unstoppable like a glorious goddess.


Alysha Newman standing up in a white trench coat wearing white shoes against a lounge chair and shag carpet.
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Alysha Newman lying on a shag rug with her legs up on an ottoman. She is wearing a canvas trench dress and looking into the camera.
Dries Van Noten dress, available at Holt Renfrew; Jenny Bird chain. Furniture by Sundays.

Photography: Saty + Pratha

Styling: Shea Hurley / Plutino Group

Styling assistant: Daniel Bartholomew

Hair and makeup: Simone Otis / Cadre Artists

Video: Ben Botelho, Dana Rocca