Find Out Which Companies Are Listening to Your Podcast

By Fatima Zaidi

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Have you ever thought about launching a podcast to promote your brand? If so, there’s never been a better time than now to get started.


The world of podcasting has been on an upward growth trend for years now. As of 2023, the podcast industry market size is 23.56 billion, and there are five million podcasts with more than 70 million episodes. Today, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally, and that number is predicted to reach 504.9 million by the end of 2024.


With statistics like these, it’s hard to deny the power of podcasting when it comes to goals like increasing brand awareness, growing your network, and B2B marketing. Since the growth of the industry has been relatively rapid, businesses are still catching up in terms of creating the type of infrastructure that will help brands succeed in a competitive landscape. 


Historically, it’s been somewhat of a challenge for podcasters to find the salient data and analytics information they need to understand how their podcast is performing. Brands and podcasters have had access to some analytics like downloads, unique listeners, and consumption rates, but not the full picture. 

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Brands were still left wondering, “How is my podcast impacting my business?” 


That is, until now. As the founder and CEO of Quill Podcast Agency, I wanted the ability to gain deeper insights into branded podcast performance for our clients. So we built our sister company, CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights platform.


Recently, CoHost announced the launch of its innovative B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries, a powerful new feature designed to help brands and agencies uncover which companies are listening to their podcast along with key characteristics such as size, industry, location, and average revenue.


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In the world of B2B marketing, data is everything. We’re empowering brands with the insights to see whether their podcast is reaching their target market, the ability to connect their podcast to marketing-qualified leads, and the data to justify the ROI of their show.


With this new feature, brands will be better equipped to measure the ROI of their podcast and therefore, make more informed decisions about the future of their content. 

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Working with Clearbit as our data enrichment partner, CoHost’s B2B Analytics offers a range of powerful features, including:


  • A breakdown of the companies that are listening to your podcast, including their industries, average company size, and average revenue breakdown.
  • An episode summary page, which allows brands to compare the top companies, industries, and company locations of each episode’s unique audience.
  • An individual episode breakdown provides a detailed look at which companies and industries are listening to each episode, including company size, revenue, and location.
  • Lead generation allows podcasters to export the list of companies who are tuning into your podcast to identify valuable prospects and boost lead generation efforts.


By providing companies with crucial information on lead generation and engagement touchpoints, we’re empowering brands to take full advantage of the podcast medium and optimize their marketing efforts.


Fatima Zaidi is the CEO and Founder of Quill Inc. an award-winning podcast agency and CoHost, a podcast analytics and audience insights platform built for agencies and brands.