The Drawing Board: 9 Business Leaders on The Great Resignation, Vaccines, and Their Greatest Hopes for 2022


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The Drawing Board is a series by Bay Street Bull that surveys industry leaders on topics of transformation, innovation, and the road ahead.

From perpetual lockdowns to business closures, it’s been a challenging past few years for a myriad of reasons. Through it all, the pandemic has taught us lessons on resilience, innovation, agility, and empathy. For entrepreneurs, it has served as a master class in problem-solving across all facets of business.

As communities open up, we must ask ourselves—what have we learned from it all? How can we be better? Or will we revert back to “business as usual?” From technology to commerce, we asked nine category business leaders to reflect on lessons learned and share their thoughts on the road ahead. From ‘The Great Resignation’ and vaccination policies to diversity initiatives and the industries to watch, read below to see what they had to say.

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