By Noah Goad

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Newly opened and located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is a good spot for a mid-day energy boost.

Written by Noah Goad

Location: 151 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 2W7

Must-try eats: The salmon bowl is a quick, healthy option. Get it with fresh greens. Choose the mushroom ditalini and quinoa cauliflower pilaf for an all-round health trip. 

Libations: The house made blueberry lemonade with crushed blueberries and fresh mint will have you feeling refreshed on a summer day.

Where to sit so you’re in-and-out in 60 minutes: Tractor offers bar-style seating along with tables and booths. Opt for a booth by the coffee bar if you’re looking to spend some time on site. 


Tractor Everyday Healthy Food

Tractor puts a contemporary spin on farm-fresh options. With five locations across Vancouver, Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods planted its first restaurant in Toronto in late June. Tractor is passionate about the role that real food plays in overall health and wellness. They’re committed to creating clean, fresh food and making it accessible for the communities in which we operate. In order to ensure they bring the freshest of ingredients to the table, they carefully select food suppliers who are focused on sustainability, sourcing real ingredients for each recipe.

Tractor’s positive vibe and fresh appearance is a refreshing spot to conduct lunch hour business. 

Natural light floods the open and spacious dining area through the floor to ceiling windows facing the bustle of Yonge Street. Light-colored decor makes for a clean and sleek look, and the sunny environment is instantly calming. To compliment the bright and lively atmosphere is a team of fast and friendly staff members. 


The opposite of slouchy or moody, power lunch is a fitting phrase for lunch at Tractor with a number of protein-packed selections made to order, and the Moroccan chicken stew is sure to make anyone’s mouth water at the food bar. 

The bowls at Tractor are definitely the quickest option. Try the salmon bowl for a tried and true power lunch. Order it with fresh greens and brown rice, and the quinoa cauliflower pilaf and rosemary potatoes are good options for sides. Patrons get to build their own bowls at Tractor, so the entire menu is yours to play with. 

For anyone looking to try the place out, sandwiches are a safe grab-and-go option. Their slow-roasted turkey sandwich topped with havarti cheese, horseradish-mustard aioli, sunflower sprouts, arugula and pickles, brings a dose of energy that will propel you through the rest of your workday. 


The house-made blueberry lemonade is a must on a summer day. Crushed berries and fresh mint add a fresh and smooth taste. If you aren’t in the mood to for a full meal, Tractor’s espresso bar should be enough to draw you in with a morning pick-me-up americano. 

With a number of bold and smooth espresso beverages ranging from chai lattes to americanos (along with drip coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate), grab something that mixes well with your morning avocado breakfast sandwich.