How the Microsoft Surface Duo Embodies the Spirit of Innovation and Adaptability in Today’s New Work Landscape

By Erin Nicole Davis

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“Never take your foot off the brake when it comes to digital transformation,” says Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada. “Keep evolving and always look to find new ways to leverage technology within your organization.”

Digital transformation—creating forward-thinking tech that delivers a transformative outcome—is at the forefront at Microsoft. It’s through such innovation that other organizations and consumers both adapt to current climates and thrive in the future. 

In today’s work culture, everything from offices, bedrooms, cottage docks, and even park benches have become workspaces—something that required an inevitable adjustment. 

Microsoft Surface Duo
Image courtesy of Microsoft Canada

“The switch to remote and hybrid work has forced us to reexamine our relationship to our devices and the tools we need to be healthy, happy, and productive both inside and outside an office environment,” said Peesker. “To deliver at our best, we need devices and tools that allow us to work whenever and wherever we need them to, while ensuring our (and our organization’s) critical data is protected and secure.”

What has remained a constant among consumers, says Peesker, is a need for devices that are portable, powerful, reliable, and secure. Microsoft’s perpetually evolving technology and innovative devices are especially appreciated in today’s workplace, perhaps even a step ahead of the times. 

“Microsoft’s tools and solutions help customers address those immediate needs, like remote work, but also empower them with opportunities to achieve more in the future, including leveraging the power of the cloud and AI solutions,” says Peesker. “Transformative outcomes result from delivery of organizational efficiencies that were previously not believed possible and customer engagement that inspires and delights customers.”

Microsoft Canada President Kevin Peesker QuoteAt Microsoft, says Peesker, the delivery of these impactful tools is the result of continuously learning from the past to redesign the future with its products. Central to this evolution is an active ear to customer feedback. 

“We listen and learn from customers, whether that’s a parent buying an Xbox for the family or the Government of Canada deploying Office 365 to Canada’s public sector employees,” says Peesker. “Listening and observing helps us to create innovative products that empower people around the world. But we also strive to be a company at the forefront of category creation.”

For example, it was Microsoft that pioneered the two-in-one, uniting the best of tablets and laptops in the Surface Pro. “Since then, we’ve launched the Surface Book, Studio, Headphones, Laptop, and we’ve redefined the mixed reality category with the Microsoft HoloLens,” says Peesker. “Now, we’re breaking the mold again with an innovative 360° hinge and dual screens on a mobile device in creating the Surface Duo.”

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Since the launch of the first-generation Surface in 2012, customer feedback has resulted in new ways to streamline and enhance creative processes, according to the company’s President. This has redefined mobile productivity, allowing one device for work and leisure, eliminating the need for pens and paper, and removing technology barriers so ideas can flow freely. 

Now, the worlds of creativity and work conveniently collide with the innovative, two-screen Surface Duo. 

“It’s surprising, but being able to pick up my Duo and move to my kitchen table when I need a quick recharge helps me look at challenges in new ways,” says Peesker. “I know I’m more productive with two screens, given how many apps I use daily, and this solves the challenges each of us faces when attempting to complete complex tasks on the go—even if I’m just going down the hall.”

Microsoft Surface Duo
Image courtesy of Microsoft Canada
Microsoft Surface Duo
Image courtesy of Microsoft Canada

The Surface Duo’s two fully functioning workspaces harness the power of Microsoft 365 software and the full ecosystem of Android mobile apps to boost consumer productivity anywhere. 

In a time of physical isolation, the device facilitates a sense of collaboration. “It’s built with the best of Microsoft 365, allowing users to easily attend meetings online via Teams, share Office files, co-author documents in real time and be productive from anywhere,” says Peesker. “It’s a seamless extension of the work you may accomplish on your computer or your mobile device.” Meanwhile, its multi-app view helps the multi-tasking cause, and the Surface Slim Pen adds a personal touch with handwritten notes.

As we’re still a long way from  ‘business as usual,’ says Peesker, we need to continue to navigate through uncertainty by digitally transforming. The new Surface Duo offers a means to do just that.

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