CEO Andrew Tchernilevskii on Using Technology to Foster Creativity


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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A little over a decade ago, Andrew Tchernilevskii got an itch to start his very own YouTube channel. But what began as simply a way for him to showcase his comedy sketches eventually turned into a viable business. By 2017, Tchernilevskii had become a full-time content creator. Over the years, he produced, scripted, and acted in countless videos. The output was constant. And while Tchernilevskii never lacked on the creative front, the relentless demand for new ideas was a taxing practice. But, over time, he found sustainable methods of creativity.

“I noticed that the easiest way to [find something to film] is just by having a conversation with somebody else,” says Tchernilevskii. “And it just goes from there.” 

When he first created his channel, Tchernilevskii remembers how important it was to pick a niche and stick to it. “[Right away], I was trying to go worldwide with my [YouTube channel]. At some point, someone told me to go local [instead],” says Tchernilevskii. So, he leaned into making content specifically for his fellow Quebecois YouTube community. “It worked so much better; my first video hit the right niche of people, and it was easier to build off.” 

But despite the astronomical growth, Tchernilevskii decided that pivoting away from YouTube might allow for more growth and creative opportunity. 

With that, he became the CEO of his own agency. Branded as MALINKI, the agency “directs ads and content,” as well as tackles “scripting, filming and editing of TikTok videos.” Through MALINKI, Tchernilevskii is able to take on both producing and directing responsibilities, all while being his own boss, with his own ideas. 

“I’m trying to figure out what companies need more online presence,” says Tchernilevskii, when asked about his involvement in the online world of marketing. “I think a lot of people understand that content is important to have and put online, but they just don’t know how to do it.” 

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As a young creator, Tchernilevskii finds inspiration through fellow creators, Edward Wright and Key & Peele, to name a few. He marvels at their skills, envious that they look as if “they can accomplish anything.” Of course, from following them over the years, he’s been able to pick up on some of their techniques. Now, his work “evolves [constantly]  based on what he’s consuming,” meaning he’s always playing around with different ideas in the creative scope. 

Fortunately, he has an array of Microsoft tools that help him produce the quality content he always aspired to create. As a proud owner of a Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pen, Tchernilevskii relies heavily on his technology to meet tight deadlines and produce top-tier content. “I’m always writing or drawing on the Surface with the pen, and now with the Surface Laptop Studio having the same capabilities to write and draw, you can keep everything together,” he says. “With the Surface, I can keep all my power, all my graphics cards, and my CPU together. It’s just such visual technology; I use it to show camera placements and direct all my shoots.”

When asked about any advice he’d received when he was just starting out, Tchernilevskii said: “People have told me to prioritize, and stop wearing so many hats. As creators, the thing that can bring us down is ourselves. We don’t know when to stop.”

He explains that oftentimes, creators take on too much. Tchernilevskii mentions that he knows creatives with six jobs under their belts, with little-to-no downtime. “I understand wanting to diversify, but I believe the best way for a creative to get hired is to be hitting that one point, getting recognition for one particular thing.” 

Speaking on behalf of his own experience hiring as a producer, Tchernilevskii says, “I’m not thinking about who the best person [is] to do it all, I want that best person to do one particular thing.”

But to accomplish those particular tasks, he needs a specific set of specialized tools to help him bring his brands’ stories to life. As a creative deeply invested in marketing and advertising, technology has been an integral part of Tchernilevskii’s everyday life for as long as he can remember. “We absolutely need technology; everything is so demanding now, especially if you’re doing post-production work,” he says. 

With a mission to create entirely unique visuals and advertisements for his clients, he considers Microsoft his saving grace. “Over the past three years [with Microsoft], I’ve had everything I need on hand at all times,” Tchernilevskii says.

As Tchernilevskii continues on his journey as full-time CEO and creative, he hopes to inspire smaller platforms and help them grow. While he doesn’t know exactly how MALINKI might evolve in the coming years, he takes comfort in the fact that the tools that he relies upon will continue to evolve alongside him.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]