Meta Supports Canadian Small Businesses with Spotlight Event

By David Stol

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As an advocate of continued innovation, Meta firmly believes that behind every small business is a great idea. This year, that support manifested itself with the Good Ideas Pop-Up Shop in Ottawa, where six Canadian small businesses were featured to show visitors some of the best opportunities to shop local during the holiday season.

By easily scanning QR codes, shoppers in Ottawa’s Byward Market could browse the highlighted small businesses. Each business had its own code and, by scanning them, shoppers were sent directly to their Facebook shops, where they could conveniently purchase items directly. Launching just in time for the holiday season, the event offered both sales and networking opportunities to each of the businesses. The guiding principle of the event was to encourage Canadians to shop local this holiday season while promoting some of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Most of the featured businesses were launched during the pandemic and have since used their success to give back to their communities, making them the perfect examples of the entrepreneurial spirit Meta is hoping to empower. The social media platform has done other pop-up spotlights in major hubs such as Seattle and New York City, but as the first Canadian pop-up, Ottawa residents had a unique opportunity to support Canadian businesses.

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So, in line with Meta’s penchant for good ideas, we’re offering you the same opportunity as Ottawa residents to support some of Canada’s most exciting businesses this holiday season. Balancing innovation and entrepreneurship with initiatives that uplift their communities, these featured businesses epitomize the values that Meta hopes to empower through its e-commerce functions. From composting solutions to athleisure labels, Meta’s Good Ideas Pop-Up Shop has provided Canadians insight into the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Canadian business.

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