Elevate Your Rec Room With These Stunning Gaming Tables

By Alisha Mughal

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These beautiful gaming tables were meant to be admired. 

When we say “game room,” what comes to mind? Hopefully not a dimly-lit basement repurposed with old furniture and a pool table that has seen better days. A rec room should invoke a sense of liberation from your daily stresses. It should be an oasis within your home where you can spend time with family or catch up with friends. A space meant for entertaining should showcase beautiful design. These game tables promise not only a fun time, but serious bragging rights that will make your friends question if your rec room also doubles as an art gallery. 

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table 

This elegant shuffleboard has a UV-resistant epoxy resin topcoat on a top made of luxuriant maple, charcoal grey felt-lined gutters to soften the sound of flyaway pucks, and black walnut outlining the lines and numbers. The distinguished table comes with a conversion top so it can be turned into a functional table when not in use. The best part is that they’ll deliver it to you in one piece so you can get to playing ASAP.  $10,500   

11 Ravens Avettore Pool Table 

If you want a pool table with attitude, 11 Ravens has just the piece for you. Elegant while minimalist, the Avettore pool table is truly an architectural marvel that looks like it was conjured up by Zaha Hadid, herself. You can customize the base, and even select the colour of the cloth and play surface, as well as the net trim. Drawers can be added for extra storage. Who knew that a pool table could also double as a sculptural work of art? Price available upon request.

Teckell Cristallino Foosball Table 

Crystal was never meant to be kept in a cabinet. The Cristallino foosball table from Teckell is a work of art, but don’t be afraid to play with it! As sturdy as it is beautiful, it was designed by Italian artisans using avant-garde technology. The body is tempered clear crystal and has sloping oxide-polished corners. The playing field itself is laminated crystal and the players are made of aluminum. This table promises a foosball experience unparallelled performance and grandeur. $22,975