4 New Scent-Sational Fragrances for Women

By Alisha Mughal

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We offer you a look at the newest fragrances for women this season. 

Marcel Proust reminds us of the power that scents have to transport, and by doing so, just how individual some of the most universal and general things can be. A single scent can trigger millions of emotions and passions. Fragrances this year have been about just this kind of abundance — one scent can bring you everything, be the epitome of allure, or help with the recollection of a memory thought long lost in the hazy gauze of time. Here are the new fragrances for women this year that are catching our nose. 


A fragrance as exciting as the vessel that contains it, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal is all about the drama. Suspenseful, sweet, naughty — this luscious scent aims to satisfy all our desires. Heavenly honey meets glamorous gardenia and together they lie in a bed of patchouli — the makings of the most delicious scandal. The best part? It can envelop you, too. $140 for 80mL


A scent that would make Proust proud, this Gucci fragrance promises a unique experience for each wearer. Mémoire d’une Odeur is a Roman chamomile-forward scent, and doesn’t so much as make a statement as harken back to a sentiment. The green aromatic flower is couched in ethereal Indian coral jasmine and carries the consciousness back to that special something experienced long ago. This scent transcends gender — no matter who you are, Gucci’s mineral aromatic fragrance will gently send you back to a moment of beauty. $140 for 100mL    


Prada Candy expands its family with a feistier member. Candy Night revels in abundance, celebrates the life lived fully and well. Bitter orange and iris aldehyde enliven this fragrance’s patchouli, musk, and tonka bean core, making what would have been a smoulder of a scent skip joyfully. The bottle too is a celebration of opposites — a deep blue strutting on a shock of bright pink — because you can have your cake and eat it too. $110 for 100mL


Bottega Veneta has just the scent for those moments you want to stay a while longer, the moments that, like smoke, seem unreal. Illusione For Her is a warm and fresh fragrance with a timeless bottle like a sepia-soaked snapshot from the past. Simultaneously floral and woody, this feminine fragrance has notes of blackcurrant and orange blossom wrapped luxuriously in olive wood. It’s the perfect fragrance for airy summer days and warm fall evenings. $180 for 75 mL