Harry Rosen & Nobis Support Esports Industry Through Community Event


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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On November 10, Harry Rosen and Nobis worked together to bring together esports fans from around the Greater Toronto Area to play alongside their favourite professional Call of Duty players in Toronto Ultra. The event – a “Pros vs. Joes”-style tournament which saw each of Toronto Ultra’s four professional gamers team up with three fans in a double-elimination competition – reflected the popularity of a rapidly growing esports industry.

Through 2022, the global esports market was valued at just over $1.8 billion CAD, with playoff viewership surpassing that of both the Super Bowl and NBA Finals in recent years. Additionally, the esports industry’s global market revenue was forecast to grow to as much as $2.52 billion CAD in 2025. Asia and North America currently represent the most prominent esports markets in terms of revenue, with China alone accounting for almost one-fifth of the market. Of course, to some, a lack of familiarity with the industry still makes it feel relatively “emerging,” but some forward-thinking brands such as Nobis are leading the charge in supporting the future of entertainment.

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But despite the industry’s steady growth, championing esports in Canada means tapping into the community, which was precisely the objective of this Harry Rosen, Nobis, and Toronto Ultra partnership.

When we arrived at the event, a line of Toronto Ultra fans were lined up excited outside Harry Rosen to meet and, for a select 12 fans, play alongside their favourite professional gamers. Inside, Nobis provided food, drinks, and an array of esports-related gifts for attendees while fans and team members browsed around Harry Rosen between tournament games. Despite it being a purely recreational tournament, there was a friendly competitiveness that flowed through the room as Toronto Ultra’s team members bantered amongst each other.

Overall, the evening was a union between several pillars of Toronto; Harry Rosen and Nobis representing two of the city’s most beloved fashion retailers and Toronto Ultra acting as the future of entertainment. Together, they offered fans both a chance to experience what it’s like to play alongside Canada’s esports team and the power of partnerships.

You can find all of our behind-the-scenes coverage here and our full cover story on Toronto Ultra featured on GLORY Media.

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