Relive the Holiday Spirit in 2023 with the New Swatch Collection

By Brittany Johnson

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A name synonymous with accessible luxury in watches, Swatch is the go-to brand for those interested in starting its journey in timepiece collecting.

On the heels of the successful launch of the Omega X Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch collection, Swatch has launched its holiday collection, continuing to use its own patented material, bioceramic. This blend of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic boasts a metallic finish with embedded crystal options for just the right sparkle. In true holiday fashion, a little sparkle goes a long way. On six of the seven timepieces in the collection, crystals line the clock face or the glass, depending on the style you choose. With chic yet durable straps in velvety leather or soft silicone, this launch has minimalist designs with a dash of glitz and glam.

With a creative ode to the MoonSwatch, three of the holiday collection watches are the Gent Bioceramic models, which have an opaque dial with moon-like features. Between the mirrored holes and crystals, the dial resembles the craters of the moon, perfect for reflecting the soft, festive lights.

The Skin Irony 38 models come in monochromatic white, black, and silver. By adhering crystals to the glass of the watch face, Swatch creates a shimmer effect that rivals the glow of magical holiday lights. The crystal options are either monochromatic for a sleek finish or rainbow for a dash of lighthearted fun.

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The holiday special, the Golden Merry, is a modern reimagining of the iconic swiss Swatch model, Die Glocke. The beloved classic features an ode to the brand’s Swiss roots, with a pastoral motif and floral embroidery. This reimagined watch is a colourful conversation starter with playful cut-out details, such as mistletoe, fir trees, a traditional Swiss chalet, and Santa with a reindeer.

The Golden Merry is vibrantly presented on a golden disc in the shape of a holiday ornament and features the same classic swiss silhouettes as the dial. The creative packaging holds a holiday surprise with six glittery ornaments to decorate with.

We had the pleasure of seeing the exceptional timepieces up close and in person at the Swatch Holiday Collection launch dinner at Toronto’s Broadview Hotel.

The Swatch Holiday Collection is available now at and worldwide in Swatch stores.