Freixenet Cava: The Sparkling Wine for Any Occasion

By Brennan March

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When Francesc Sala Ferrés first started making wine in the rolling hills of Spain’s Penedés region in 1861 Catalonia, southwest of Barcelona, they couldn’t have imagined their winery would eventually lead to the largest producer of traditional method sparkling wines in the world. Over 150 years later, the Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava offers the taste of astonishing history and cava excellence for any occasion. 


Freixenet was born out of celebration. After the marriage of Ferrés’ son, Pedro, to wine heiress Dolores Sala Vivé in 1889, the Freixenet brand was born. Named after the vineyard Pedro grew up on, the name Freixenet means ‘Ash Tree Grove’ in Catalan. 


With a duel passion for wine and entrepreneurship, the couple would make the momentous decision to turn their attention to the burgeoning sparkling wine industry. They would be pleased to know that the Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, launched in 1974, would propel the brand Freixenet to international acclaim. 


A light and modern cava, the Cordon Negro Brut is appreciated for its refreshing style thanks to its unique blend of three traditional Penedes white varieties found in the region.

Photo courtesy of Freixenet

Cava is an essential for celebrating, whether it be for the emergence of spring, making memories with loved ones, or commemorating big milestones. Indeed, sparkling wines have been used as a status symbol by European aristocracy since the 18th century. Today, cultures around the world use sparkling wine to celebrate both big and small moments, from landing a big business deal to simply an intimate evening at home with a loved one. While sparkling wine has since transcended class structures to become a universal celebratory drink, Cava maintains the premium taste at an affordable price. 


The Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava contains fine, delicate aromas, combining tones of green apple and pear with the light resonance of Mediterranean peaches, melons, and pineapple over a base of citrus, all beautifully balanced by light toasty aromas from bottle maturation.


Crisp, clean, and well-balanced, the Cava pairs well with a wide range of food from shrimp cocktails to glazed ham, tomato bruschetta and fig and cheese appetizers. It is also known to serve well with paella, fried calamari, cured meats or Manchego cheese.


Made from the traditional method, Cava’s production is unique from other sparkling wines. Cava production is a meticulous process involving many months of secondary fermentation inside the individual bottles. There are seven types of Cava, differentiated by their sugar content. Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava is the driest. 


Affordable taste with premium quality, Cava can be served on its own or in your favourite bubbly cocktail like a mimosa or French 75. The result is a delicious and effervescent wine perfect for celebrating. Whether toasting a special occasion or enjoying a glass with friends, the Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava adds a touch of sophistication and sparkle to any event.