Parc Ave Gives Yorkville Its First Upscale Late-Night Venue

By Jessica Huras

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From hot or cold towel service to a cocktail topped with caviar, Parc Ave knows how to make a splash. With its subtly glowing entrance sign, low interior lighting, and sleek decor, the Yorkville bar exudes a sense of hushed exclusivity. This VIP vibe is further enhanced by personalized service from talented mixologists with a commitment to serve “the best cocktails in the country,” according to beverage manager, Ben Kingstone.

“Parc Ave is a fairly unique venue in the area that we’re situated in Yorkville – there are very few nightlife venues,” explains Kingstone. “We use the very best ingredients possible to command a premium price tag.”

Parc Ave offers a handful of nibbles, but it primarily caters to visitors looking to sip post-work or after-dinner drinks in serious style. Its thoughtful cocktail menu is guided by current mixology trends and seasonality, along with a dedication to high-quality ingredients and exacting techniques.

Parc Ave Interior

The selection is divided into barrel-aged concoctions, martinis, juleps, sours and champagne-based tipples, as well as “vintage reserve” drinks, which are riffs on classic cocktails made with top-notch ingredients. “All these classic cocktails were invented a very long time ago so everybody’s palates were different back in the day compared to what they are now,” explains Kingstone of his approach to reinventing these time-honoured drinks.

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It’s in this vintage reserve section that you’ll find Parc Ave’s piece de resistance: a $135 Sazerac garnished with caviar. The Sazerac is a show-stopper from start to finish. First, a stunning gold ice ball press is used to create a spherical cube. The press works with weight and ambient air temperature to melt and carve a ragged hunk of ice into an elegant orb.

The cocktail is then built with a mix of Remy X.O, Michter’s US-1 Sour Mash, Peychaud’s bitters, and sugar syrup. Kingston’s take on the Sazerac leaves out absinthe, which is traditionally included in the recipe. “I want the whisky and the cognac to shine a little bit more so I omit the absinthe, which allows the high-quality spirits that we’re using to really show,” says Kingstone.

Parc Ave's signature cocktail, the Sazerac
Parc Ave’s signature cocktail, the Sazerac

For the garnish, a simple lemon twist is juxtaposed with a lavish little spoon of caviar. “The caviar gives it that salty richness that plays well with the bourbon and the cognac,” says Kingstone.

While this ritzy cocktail alone is certainly enough to make a memorable impact with clients, Parc Ave also caters to those looking to impress with its upscale ambience. The space is split into a small cocktail bar and a larger lounge that takes on a nightclub-like atmosphere on weekends, complete with a live DJ.

“It’s definitely more energetic on weekends, but also still maintaining the civility and refinement that you would expect from a venue like this,” says Kingstone. He recommends offering clients Parc Ave’s cocktail bar section.

“It’s a smaller space, so it’s a lot more intimate,” he says. “It’s refined and luxurious – almost like you’re hanging out in your super rich friend’s basement.”

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