For Podcasters, Growth is About to Get Easier

By Alison Osborne

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Growing a podcast takes effort, time, strategy, and the right tools. But despite all the hard work, it can be tough to not only grow but to understand where growth is coming from. We’ve seen podcasters question how to get discovered, which marketing channels to use, and how to scale.

This lack of knowledge means that podcasters are often lost when it comes to growth and are left without actionable data.

This is the reality of podcasting, whether you’re just launching your podcast or a veteran with hundreds of episodes under your belt. There’s a lot of advice out there; from experts, platforms or agencies claiming they can help – the truth is they often don’t have the right solutions and fall short.

There has yet to be a solution to the challenge of podcast growth.

That is, until now. Introducing CoHost, the easiest way to distribute, grow, and measure your podcast.

CoHost aims to break the cycle by equipping professional podcasters with the data and insights necessary to successfully grow their podcast.

Built by award-winning production agency, Quill Podcasting, CoHost was born as a solution to its team’s own struggles. For almost half a decade before the inception of CoHost, while working with notable brands to launch podcasts, the Quill team noticed that there was no easy solution for brands or professional podcasters to understand, capture or leverage their podcast data.

“Over the past three years our team has launched and scaled hundreds of professional podcasts, and we realized that a lot of fantastic podcasters simply lack the experience and tools to grow and scale their podcasts. They’re fed up with wasting time logging into multiple tools and platforms to access siloed and confusing data,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO & founder of CoHost and Quill Podcasting Agency.

And these same issues still exist today. A recent 2022 Podcaster Insights Survey from CoHost surveyed 155 professional podcasters and the results continue to validate their insights with a whopping nine out of 10 podcasters saying that growing their show’s audience is one of the hardest things about podcasting and 84 percent saying that achieving consistent audience growth is one of their biggest challenges.

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The poll revealed other hurdles such as 83 percent of those podcasters found being discovered by listeners as their biggest issue and over half (55 percent) of audio creators struggle with “understanding how listeners are finding my show.”

CoHost has created the ability for podcasters to centralize the process of launching a show as well as measure its true impact. This new tool is much needed as over 70 percent of professional podcasters polled said that analytics and insights about their show’s performance and listeners are the most valuable podcasting platform feature for them.

With CoHost’s podcast hosting technology, podcasters will be able to easily publish and manage their podcast episodes across all major platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Google. In addition, they’ll be able to grow audiences, drive downloads, boost visibility, and track performance. CoHost already has a varied and impressive roster of clients using its platform ranging from Expedia, PwC, and TD Bank to UberFlip and SickKids.

In the past few years, the podcast industry hasn’t just grown – it’s exploded. And it’s still on the rise. According to recent stats, there are now 48 million podcast episodes, over 2 million active shows and roughly 78 percent of the U.S. population is now familiar with podcasting. More and more content creators are moving towards podcasts, an example being Bay Street Bull’s podcast, Mission Critical which was released in 2020, and has seen remarkable growth. 

Over time, the entire internet will be converted to audio and distributed on-demand, continuing to fill the podcast industry with great content from the biggest creators and publishers globally. With that growth, podcasters will want solutions that can keep up with their needs.

CoHost is one of the tools on the market that unlocks the power of your podcast’s data and gives you insights into how you can grow, reach your goals and take your show to the next level.

If you’re a professional podcaster, you can try CoHost risk-free for 30 days.

Alison Osborne is the Head of Growth Marketing for CoHost Podcasting and Quill Inc.

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