Editors’ Picks: Crown Royal is Canada’s Standard for Whisky Excellence


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The story of whisky is one of tradition, and it’s one proudly continued by Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

In the 13th century, it was the Irish who crafted the distilled beverage from grain, and in the 15th century, the tradition spilled over to Scotland. Then, when Irish and Scottish settlers migrated to North America, they brought over their distilling traditions but adapted them to the harvests of the new land. When British loyalists fled to Canada in the 18th century, the distilling customs moved even farther north. 

The story of Canadian whisky, then, is one of strength: resilient traditions withstanding the test of time. Crown Royal, maker of premium Canadian whisky, has been carrying on this heritage and building upon it with its meticulously-crafted blends since the early 20th century. Huddled along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba is the small town of Gimli, which is home today to the group of workers who dedicate their time, along with their passion, to crafting Crown Royal Canadian Whisky. Literally a homegrown brand, 80 percent of the grain that is used comes from Manitoba and the surrounding provinces. It is this spirit of resilience that can be found in each bottle, a physical manifestation of the  hardy natural ingredients that are built to withstand the harshest of conditions indicative of Canada’s wild terrain. The brand’s blending team works to ensure the whiskies have the nuanced smooth taste that we have come to expect from the brand, while the mixologists, with their expert knowledge of the spirit, are masters of concocting mixtures that delight and entertain.

For a taste that’s like sipping on a secret, try Crown Royal Limited Edition Canadian whisky. Available only in Canada and aged 10 years to perfection, this bottle is a treat for the discerning whisky enthusiast. Select batch-distilled whiskies come together to create a luxuriously smooth and rich taste. Example par excellence of Crown Royal’s craft, the Limited Edition has a delicate yet full-bodied nose: exquisite fruit and floral notes combined with spicy cloves give the liquid a deliciously complex personality. On the palate, it lingers with a distinct, creamy flavour, with an extra smooth, long finish. Simply put, it is the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

Those who are fans of the spirit will appreciate the amber glow of Crown Royal XR Extra Rare as few others will, which is why it is the perfect gift for the whisky-lover on your list.

Handcrafted from the rare final batch of whiskies saved from the original LaSalle Distillery in Montreal which closed in 1992, the Crown Royal XR Extra Rare brings on a sophisticated experience as few other drinks can manage. A sweet blend of dried fruits and luxurious honey is paired with spicy notes of Canadian rye, giving Crown Royal XR a decidedly complex and sinuous nose. Raisins, cocoa, and brown sugar round out the lovely taste, resulting in a long, warm finish. There are limited bottles of the Crown Royal XR available — meant for those with the highest of expectations. A spirit like this requires no dressing up — savour it neat or on the rocks.    

Crown Royal whiskies epitomize Canadian passion for the water of life, and satisfy our desire for authenticity and quality. It is this passion that has always been ingrained in the art of crafting whisky by setting the bar and committing us to higher standards. 

Originally intended as a gift for the royal family, Crown Royal’s Fine De Luxe was created in 1939 to welcome the King and Queen of England (known for their affinity of fine whiskies) to Canada during the first Royal tour. Presented in a purple bag inspired by the King’s royal robes, the bottle was made to resemble the jewels that adorn a crown through its faceted glass and signature crown shape. While the jewel-like features are only present in Crown Royal Fine De Luxe bottles, the bottle’s distinct crown-shape can be seen throughout the brand (including the Limited Edition and Crown Royal XR Extra Rare) as an homage to their regal beginnings. 

Whether held in a toast to good, warm times or presented under the Christmas tree, Crown Royal Canadian whisky is the perfect accompaniment to a holiday gathering. For any whisky enthusiast, consider it the crown jewel of your top shelf.