Cardoor Lets you Buy and Sell Vehicles Without Having to Leave Home.

By Brennan March

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy your next car online and have it show up to your door the next day, as easily as buying windshield wipers on Amazon? The same can be said for selling or servicing your car without ever stepping foot in a dealership. The innovative Canadian start-up CarDoor is driving the future of online car retailing.


Launching in 2021, the brand has already established itself as a trusted and common-sense car marketplace, with exceptional customer service and an unrivaled depth and breadth of inventory. Whether you are looking for a $10k Honda Civic or $900K dollar Ferrari, CarDoor has something for everyone, and they will buy all vehicles.


After spending years as the General Manager at Kijji Canada, CEO and Founder Matt McKenzie decided that while the online car retailing model was progressive in some ways, the same archaic buying and selling methods were in most cases, the only option for consumers and dealers. Rather than start another online retailer, McKenzie took a different approach – working with traditional dealers, CarDoor helps dealers merchandise their vehicles to consumers looking for a completely turnkey, at-home solution. Our time is valuable and with negotiating becoming a thing of the past and buying online becomes the standard for all purchases, big or small, CarDoor isn’t just innovating based on trends but setting the stage for a new future of car retailing.



Today, 80 percent of car buyers are open to buying a car online – but unlike most online products, knowing what you want isn’t always enough. You still must find a dealer or a private party with that vehicle, who is willing to deliver it and most of all, stand behind the vehicle in case of any issues. CarDoor isn’t like a traditional dealer, who typically serve only a 50-kilometre radius but is a marketplace for dealers and consumers, who delivers for free to most of Ontario and provides peace of mind on all their vehicles with the CarDoor Guarantee. Each vehicle sold comes with a 14-day moneyback guarantee, a 60-day exchange program and a 90-day bumper to bumper warranty.


Buyers can browse through listings and filter their search based on their preferences, such as make, model, year, and price range and get a selection of over 1500 vehicles in Ontario. Sellers can also sell their vehicles via CarDoor for free, all from the comfort of their home, and CarDoor takes care of the rest, including the inspection, appraisal, final sale, pick-up, and payment. This also means sellers don’t have to spend their precious time shopping their vehicle to dealers or private buyers for a firm and transparent offer, CarDoor has a proprietary network of buyers to find the perfect home for your vehicle within 24 hours.


Customers can complete the entire car buying or selling process online, from start to finish. This includes trade-ins, financing, warranty, insurance, roadside assistance, and servicing, of which 80 percent of servicing can be done in your driveway. CarDoor delivers and picks up all cars to their customers home, and while CarDoor is currently operating in Ontario, they have plans to expand across Canada in the coming years.


Through their personalized, transparent, and convenient approach, CarDoor is innovating the entire car buying, selling and ownership journey for Canadians and solving the inconveniences of the past. With a reputation for excellence and a track record of success, CarDoor is poised for continued growth and success in the Canadian automotive industry.

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