Asahi Super Dry’s Immersive Approach to Partnerships

By Ben Botelho

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Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No. 1 Beer, has partnered with Major League Soccer (MLS) Canada and Vancouver Whitecaps FC—one of North America’s most popular football clubs—for a strategic partnership that showcases Asahi’s commitment to the global landscape of soccer. The partnership aims to bring together two giants in their respective industries to create unique experiences and engagement opportunities for soccer fans. 


One of the most significant aspects of the partnership is Asahi Super Dry becoming the official beer partner of Vancouver Whitecaps FC. What does this mean for fans? For starters, those attending Whitecaps games at BC Place now have access to Asahi’s premium beer that can be enjoyed at the stadium’s bars and concession stands. This partnership not only provides a unique experience for soccer fans, but further supports Asahi reaching its target audience.

Man pouring Asahi beer from a draught machine at a soccer game.

By positioning and promoting Asahi Super Dry as a leading beer brand in Canada through this partnership, consumers and Whitecap fans will also have the opportunity for an immersive viewing experience at the Asahi Super Dry Landing. The Asahi Super Dry Landing boasts a number of interactive experiences for fans like the beer on-tap, the Auto-Pour machine, and pitchside seats. The Asahi Super Dry Landing is also reminiscent of the Etihad in Manchester, which is also a partner of Asahi Super Dry. The Landing at B.C. Place is a scene where Canada’s most passionate soccer fans congregate to enjoy a premium gameday experience – it’s quite literally “For Fans Who Go Beyond”.

Black carpet with large Asahi beer branding. It is overlooking a row of seats that look out onto a soccer field.

In particular, the Asahi Super Dry Landing spot is one of the most immersive game day experiences that this partnership offers to fans. In an era where every fan desires an interactive experience with the sport they love, the pitch-side VIP area provides members with their own private bar and a personalized Asahi Super Dry experience—showcasing the brand’s commitment to not only the game, but its consumers. 


The partnership between Asahi Super Dry and Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a significant development for both organizations. It is a testament to the growing popularity of soccer in North America and the importance of strategic partnerships in delivering unique and engaging experiences to fans. This partnership also represents a unique opportunity for Asahi Super Dry to expand its presence in Canada, and for Vancouver Whitecaps FC to continue to provide unique experiences for its fans.

White satellite bars with Asahi beer branding looking out onto a green soccer field.