You Won’t Need a Leather Jacket To Try This Cocktail at Modern Biker Hangout Bar Stray


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Head to this bar on College Street that’s redefining biker culture for a refreshing take on summer cocktails.

At Bar Stray, a modern day biker bar, you’ll find motorcycles, neon signs and graffiti, but also an inventive menu of craft cocktails and locally-sourced bites including Persian feta, pulled pork, grilled cheese and more.

For this inventive cocktail, torch some cinnamon sticks, capture the smoke and then drench the cocktail in the cinnamon smoke for an extra oomph.

Here’s how you can try this at home (but really the fun is watching someone else do it, so head to Bar Stray as soon as possible!).


2 ounces Lot 40 whiskey

.25 ounces simple syrup

5 ml Bowmore 12 yr

3 Dashes Mole Bitters

Cinnamon sticks


Break cinnamon sticks and place on a non-flammable surface. Torch the cinnamon until singed. Place glass dome over the torched cinnamon sticks to capture the smoke.

Add all ingredients except for the Bowmore 12yr in a cocktail mixing glass. Stir for approx 30sec or until desired dilution.

Strain Over a king cube in a rocks glass

Using a bar spoon float the Bowmore 12yr on top.

Place smoke filled dome over the glass for Approx 30sec

Garnish with a dehydrated orange slice

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