Wolf Circus Creates Hand-made Attainable Luxury Jewellery

By Lauren Edwards

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We believe in supporting Canadian products, not for the sake of it, but because our nation boasts some of the finest brands and designers in the world. This week, a demi-fine jewellery line from Vancouver Island “to wake up, go out the door, and still look refined.”

Fiona Morrison was 20 years old when she was selling wire-wrapped crystals to her friends and at craft fairs on Vancouver Island, and told her parents she wanted to start a jewelry line. At the time, there was no bold, bad-ass jewelry with an attainable price point for her and her friends. Initially, her parents laughed at her—her mother told her to get an education first.

Inspired by the wolf head ring she wore at the time and her father who said “her life is a circus,” Morrison started the demi-fine jewelry line, Wolf Circus. Nine years later, the brand is internationally recognized, with stockists spanning over four continents.

Morrison and her all-female team produce long-lasting pieces from recycled gold at attainable price points and is made-to-order in its Railtown Vancouver office. Wolf Circus features an inclusive Everybody Collection and an upcoming men’s line alongside their main collection.

Her all-female team was not intentional, “it came naturally because no guys applied,” Morrison says.

Fiona Morrison

If customers want luxury accessories, they can look to OkFine—Morrison’s other fine jewelry line with a similar aesthetic. The 14 karat accessories are curated with quality in mind and with “the goal not to add too many diamonds,” Morrison explains.

Tommy Hilfiger recently awarded Wolf Circus the $100,000 Design Entrepreneur Award from the Fashion Institute of Technology. “I thanked him a million times and he said ‘no problem, you deserve it’ which was really cool,” Morrison says. She is the first entrant outside of the US to win the prestigious award.

For her creative process, Morrison looks to some of the fashion capitals in the world, drawing inspiration from the bright colours and boldness in Copenhagen, outfits paired perfectly together in Paris, mixing designer and vintage styles in London, and the confidence in New York. 

The result is designs that embody different moods, whether it’s “playful with fun oversized earrings or wanting to look good—to wake up, go out the door, and still look refined,” Morrison adds.

At the moment, she favors Wolf Circus’ Simone necklace, stacking chunky silver and gold rings, and two sets of hoops on her ears. 

Morrison wants her brand to inspire others to embrace their confidence, by presenting customers with accessories that resonate with them on a personal level. A popular piece is the “boob necklace” — which gained traction after the US Presidential Election in 2016.

Morrison says wearing her jewelry “is not like having to put on a floral dress, a blazer or something that’s more unwearable each day to feel [confident]. It’s something simple. You can sleep in it, shower in it, it adds some kind of value to it and makes you feel more powerful.”

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