What to get your clients: ystudio desk fountain pen


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Whether you’re signing deals or exploring the lost art of penmanship, ystudio’s fountain pen makes even writing feel luxurious. 

Writing is one of the oldest forms of communication, and in the Age of Information, it has transformed. From clay tablets to texting, there have been many different styles of self-expression throughout history. Some would say penmanship is a lost art, but for those who want to express themselves by hand, owning a fountain pen is the best way to show off your artistic personal style. Ystudio’s Brassing desk fountain pen is the perfect tool to impress a client who either enjoys displaying calligraphy or wants to start learning the art of penmanship.

Founded in 2012, ystudio’s belief is that the weight of words is the best way to tell stories. Finding the touching feelings, love, and tranquility between the lines through writing is worth the escape from electronics. The Taiwan-based company believes in simplicity and this is clear to see in its design, from their classic mechanical pencils to their more luxurious fountain pens. Made by the local factories, each of the stations from the brand is manufactured by the scorching heat of one thousand degrees in the furnace, and characterized by the masters’ hands with decades of experience.

ystudio fountain pen
The body of ystudio’s desk fountain pen is made of brass with a solid pen holder, also made of brass. Inspired by the look of well-used vintage cameras, this “Brassing” pen is treated with a matte black lacquer finish that will wear off over time, exposing the solid brass body underneath. Once exposed, the raw brass will also darken and deepen over time. How this patina develops depends on how you use the pen—the more you write with it, the more unique your pen will become!

It has a snap cap that is quick to deploy, and a ring-top on the cap to attach to wherever you’d like. Ystudio packaging is equally exceptional – this pen comes in a wood box which includes 2 short lanyards (brown or black), and a cylinder carrying case made of Paulownia wood. Ystudio uses the German-made Schmidt nib, a high-quality stainless steel tip that ensures steady and smooth writing. It also comes with a Schmidt converter to extend the lifetime of the pen. An excellent choice for personal use and especially as a gift, this luxurious fountain pen will be sure to make a writer of those who believe penmanship is an archaic art. $180

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