Try Something New (and Indulgent) at My Meatball Place


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Looking for a place to close your next deal? Let ‘Power Lunch’ be your guide to the most delectable spots in the city. Grab a quick bite at King Street West’s latest fast casual.

Location: 617 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

Must-try eats: Take a bite out of an elotes (sweet grilled corn).

Libations: Try a mango and guava or mango and jack fruit juice for sweet richness to compliment the heavy (sometimes spicy) flavours.

Where to sit so you’re in-and-out in 60 minutes: Grab a seat by the window facing King Street for the best of the city’s bustle.


My Meatball Place is a punch of global flavours tucked between velvet-roped Goldie’s and everyone’s favourite salad spot, iQ. While the name might suggest a purist Italian-American vision, the truth is there’s a lot more to try out on the menu.

With the popular multi-step building process of fast casual restaurants that lends for true individuality in every dish and countless variety, patrons of the fusion cuisine restaurant can pick a base (pasta, bread, rice or salad) followed by a meatball type and a sauce.

The restaurant’s diverse flavours is most evident with the list of sauces. From traditional Italian Mariana to Thai coconut to Latin Aji and Beans to Hakka Chili, your palate will travel the planet. There’s a meatball topped butter chicken poutine and even tequila chicken lollipops but also safe and reliable spaghetti and meatballs for the traditionalists. Truly, something for everybody.

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