This LinkedIn Thread is Showing Who’s Hiring During COVID-19


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At this point, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt in almost every sector as businesses have been forced to temporarily close doors and layoff employees in order to stay lean. While the Canadian government has made its own pledge of support, many are understandably worried about an uncertain future with no form of income.

In an effort to cultivate business relationships and build camaraderie, the entrepreneurial community has flocked to various social media platforms to share insights, resources, and engage in meaningful conversation. Sean Hurley, currently the Head of Growth at Toronto-based health tech company,, wanted to see how he could empower his network to support those who have lost jobs as a result of COVID-19 layoffs.

“Personally, I have so much faith in our startup community in Toronto and during the current COVID-19 crisis,” says Hurley. “It’s been simply astonishing how quickly we all came together to support anyone affected by lay-offs.”

Looking to create a dialogue and resource, Hurley created a LinkedIn thread that encouraged others in the tech and business community to highlight job opportunities.

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For Hurley, while COVID-19 has certainly caused much destruction, there’s a silver lining and opportunity for businesses to step up.

“We are going to witness a number of great companies rebuild, launch, and come through this period of time significantly stronger than before…We will see a lot of companies evaluated by how they show up as employers and as brands through this crisis. Employees and customers will remember this, and gravitate toward those who showed leadership, support, and understanding through these times. I believe this will encourage more companies to step up and create a higher standard for the tech and business community as a whole.”

Currently, multiple job openings have been promoted and continue to be added in the thread. If you are currently seeking a job or looking to hire, you can join in on the dialogue here and also here.

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