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We may soon see the day when the marijuana leaf is no longer used as graphic shorthand for “this is a cannabis product.”

Think about it: when was the last time you saw a pile of barley on a beer bottle? The fast-growing cannabis industry has been iterating its aesthetic range in record time and in five short years we’ve seen the butane lighter-powered glass bong give way to any number of sleek, USB rechargeable vapes — and the incense-redolent head shop replaced by dispensaries that favour a minimalist Japanese or Scandinavian vibe. The most forward-thinking companies identified the upside in distancing themselves from the stoner market and have created a range of products that stand to appeal to the affluent cannacurious. Here are some pioneering companies and products that are pushing the cannabis-related design to new heights.

This story is part of our Civilized series from our September 2018 issue. Click here for more content from the series. 

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