The Complete List of TEDxToronto 2019 Speakers


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Sarain Fox speaking at the 2018 TEDxToronto conference. (Photo credit: Joshua Best, provided by TEDxToronto)

Starting now, tickets to the 11th annual speaker’s conference are available to the public.

For the first time in its history, the TEDxToronto conference will be held on a Saturday. But that’s not all that is new with the annual conference. For its 11th edition, TEDxToronto has finally announced its full list of speakers who will take to the stage at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works on October 26, 2019.

Including Gulshan Alibhai, owner of famed Toronto dining institution, Lahore Tikka House, and Mark Cohon, former commissioner of the CFL, this year’s line-up packs quite the punch. The 12 official speakers at the conference come from a diversity of backgrounds — including an engineer, choreographer, environmental journalist and human rights lawyer — each with their own unique story that the speaker will use to impart a slice of wisdom.

As is customary each year of the conference is based around a central theme, and the 2019 theme is “Rise.” From new technologies and political movements to temperatures and online communities — our world is filled with movements and ideas that rise, which often leaves some things left behind in the fray. This year, the question asked of speakers and the  audience is: what will it take for us as a society to rise together?

Answering this question will be award-winning dancer and choreographer Esie Mensah, director of BridgeNorth, Casandra Diamond, Dessa engineer Joseph Palermo and the artistic producer of Nuit Blanche Umbereen Inayet, and many more.

Here, the complete line-up of speakers for the 2019 TEDxToronto conference.

photo credit: provided by TEDxToronto

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