Tempting Introductions: Porsche’s Drive Program Reinvents the Test Drive

By Popi Bowman

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thinking of a new ride? The Porsche Drive program takes the test drive to a whole new level.

To lease or to buy: That is the first question, but certainly not the last, when you consider a new car. Choosing the right vehicle comes down to the perfect mix of style, budget, reliability, and function. Did we mention sex appeal? Let’s be honest—it’s an emotional decision but a car can also be one of your biggest expenses, so this purchase needs to be carefully considered, just like any investment.

Where to start

The biggest hurdle after deciding your budget is choosing which vehicle suits your lifestyle. If you’re spending more than $100,000, the choice only becomes more difficult and tempting. Should you go with a practical SUV or a sleek sports sedan—or both? And when you can finally afford a dream car, how do you decide which one?

Porche braving the winter conditions

The best place to start is with a few test drives, but to really know a car, most drivers agree that you need a few weeks behind the wheel. Most also agree that the ultimate driving experience can be found in a Porsche. The automaker has more than 30,000 motorsport wins for good reason—it designs its vehicles, first and foremost, with performance in mind. But they also come equipped with the safety, comfort, and convenience you can expect from one of the world’s top luxury automakers.

Porsche’s solution

Luckily, with the new Porsche Drive program, you can book a car on a whim, for only a day or two to several months at a time. Available in Toronto, Vancouver and Kelowna—and arriving next spring in Montreal—the on-demand service starts at $319 per day for the Macan, an all-wheel-drive SUV that has been called “an athletic partner that goads you to hit apex after apex.” Depending on location, other options include the 718 Boxster convertible ($349 per day), Cayenne ($389 per day), Panamera ($449 per day) or the flagship vehicles ($539 per day), 911 and the all-electric Taycan, which has been heralded as “a driver’s electric car.” Porche braving the winter conditions

Depending on model availability, single-vehicle subscriptions range from $2,650 to $4,700 in Vancouver and $2,500 to $4,400 in Toronto for a 30-day period. Drivers also can select a multi-vehicle plan (up to $4,200 per month in Toronto and $4,550 in Vancouver), which allows for unlimited car swaps. As an added temptation, Porsche waives the $750 sign-up with 90-day bookings, and monthly subscriptions include insurance. All rentals also provide maintenance, concierge service and 400 km per day—more than enough for most road trips.

Testing made easy

Whichever option you choose, the Porsche Drive app delivers and picks up each vehicle on request within a 50-km radius of the service location. The cars are deep cleaned and sanitized between each booking, of course. And if you’re unlucky enough to get in an accident, Porsche will replace the vehicle promptly.

Porche braving the winter conditions

“Porsche Drive had a successful launch in Toronto, with 79 percent of its customers being new to the brand,” explains Marc Ouayoun, president and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada. “We are continuing to expand the program to new areas of the country. The customers have spoken.”

For more information, visit PorscheDrive.ca or download the Porsche Drive app (for Apple and Android).

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