Taking Moments to Connect at the Orange Table with Mionetto

By Brennan March

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today’s world gives everybody unprecedented access to other people’s opinions and worldviews – the internet, new technologies, and social media have provided the ultimate forum to meet intersectional individuals from different walks of life. People’s social positions are based on so many factors – age, wealth, culture, geography – and these factors can sometimes cause people to butt heads over disagreements stemming from misunderstanding and cultural divides. Although not a hard and fast rule, there is always more common ground among groups of people than meets the eye. That’s why Mionetto and its delectable Prosecco are working to bring people together this fall.

This November 15-17, the Orange Table is making an appearance at the Italian-style restaurant, Nodo Liberty, for meaningful conversations between friends and family. This pop-up is inspired by the celebrated Red Table Talk show.

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Mionetto is facilitating the Orange Table enabling healthy discussions with friends and families using conversation cards tackling some of Mionetto’s core values – tradition, passion, family, heritage, and Italian style. When paired with Mionetto’s delectable Prosecco, people from different backgrounds can come together, relax, and learn something that might surprise themselves and their friends – and hopefully, bring them closer together by being able to see and respect other viewpoints. The second series of cards will ask entertaining questions to spark fun and laughter, helping people connect, relate, chat, and laugh over a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco and Italian antipasto.

The Orange Table is open to the public. Bring friends, bring family, take an orange seat, and raise a glass of Mionetto Prosecco, toasting the everyday experiences and perspectives of the ones you care about most. There is so much to learn and experience from those different from us – Mionetto is committed to nurturing that experience.



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