6 Top Canadian Business Leaders on How to Extinguish Founder Burnout

A woman wearing all-white hunched over into her knees sitting on a pink floor.

According to a recent report, 45 percent of Canadian entrepreneurs are experiencing mental health challenges, especially related to stress and finances. The entrepreneurial journey, while exhilarating, can also be exhausting and many founders find themselves teetering on the brink of burnout. However, with May being Mental Health Awareness month, learning from the experiences of seasoned […]

#Tech+Biz4SickKids is on a Mission to Raise $1M Annually

#Tech+Biz4SickKids has recently launched a new campaign with a fresh team of ambassadors from Canada’s tech sector to fuel support for SickKids. In addition to the new ambassadors, #Tech+Biz4SickKids has pulled together a council led by co-chairs Fatima Zaidi, CEO and founder of Quill, and Lauren Arnold, co-founder of Category Communications. The 2024 #Tech+Biz4SickKids council […]

Mallory Greene is Reinventing Our Rituals Around Death

Black and white photo of Eirene CEO Mallory Greene wearing a black tunic and leaning back against a chair.

Mallory Greene is the visionary founder reshaping the deathtech landscape with Eirene Cremations. Eirene disrupts traditional funeral practices, providing a digital-first approach to end-of-life services through the lens of empathy. Greene’s mission is to offer transparency, accessibility, and eco-conscious alternatives, challenging the norms of the funeral industry and dispeling the notion that families must follow […]

Got a Problem? A Woman Entrepreneur Can Solve It

Four women sitting on a couch and embracing each other. They are wearing shades of creme, brown, and light green and smiling into the camera.

The old adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person,” takes on a new meaning when that person is a woman. These leaders are a testament to the core tenets of entrepreneurship and innovation, bringing a level of creativity and problem-solving to their respective industries to create solutions. They’ve embraced the challenge of […]