Sunnybrook launches new “I’m Possible” campaign


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Sunnybrook is making the impossible, possible.

Written by Jordana Colomby

On April 13, Sunnybrook Hospital announced their new campaign showcasing the lives of those who work at the frontlines of healthcare. Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris, internationally-renowned combat photographers and photojournalists, spent seven days in the hospital to get an authentic look at life in Sunnybrook. The campaign called, “Where Impossible Becomes I’m Possible,” celebrates the bravery and dedication of the Sunnybrook staff.

The raw, black and white images share the stories of the real-life heroes who care for Sunnybrook patients.  A short montage of images which aired on TV in April gives people a glimpse into the challenges of working in a facility with Canada’s leading medical teams and the rewarding moment in which the impossible truly becomes possible.

Pamela Ross, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of Sunnybrook Foundation says, “our goal in doing this is to bring awareness to the leadership role Sunnybrook plays in saving lives with innovation and inventing the future of healthcare.” These stories aren’t always easy to hear, and sometimes they’re not easy to tell. Photographs have the power to tell a story in a way that words can’t, and that’s exactly what these images are doing. Ross says the campaign will hopefully inspire the staff, patients, and community.

The stories told in the images below are those of courage, perseverance, compassion and strength. There’s Myla, the mother who almost lost her twins when she was 36 weeks pregnant due to a blood clot in her brain. Doctors said there was no hope but the Sunnybrook team turned to impossible into the possible and saved Myla’s life and the lives of her two beautiful daughters. Myla is just one of the many patients who has experienced Sunnybrook’s expert care.

Follow the campaign on TV, print, digital and social media with the hashtag #Bringustheimpossible.

Myla and her twins