Style Points: How To Beat The Summer Heat Like An Italian Gentleman

By Ross Vernon Dias

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When it comes to summer style, no one dresses better (or as effortlessly) as the Italians. They’ve gotten it down to a science. So, who better to look to for inspiration?

Avi Raphael, co-owner of the Canadian flagship of Tiger of Sweden, is a serial entrepreneur in the fashion business who knows a thing or two about Italian style.

Here, a few pointers for summer style as cool as the Italians.


There is never an appropriate temperature to abandon the suit. Opt for a linen suit with shorter sleeves and trousers instead. These natural fabrics are breathable, lightweight and handle sweat well.

Great summer style is all about the combination of fabrics and lengths.Stick to natural fabrics like linen and cotton for suits, trousers, and shirts. Natural fabrics are more breathable and light weight, keeping you cool in the summer heat. Fabric quality has really increased in the past two decades, they are more functional, stylish and easier to care for.

Go short for a breezy fit. 

Length makes a big difference when trying to combat the scorching hot sun. Opt for short trousers that show your ankles if you are comfortable with that. If that isn’t your style, make sure your pants have no-break instead of a single break. A good tailor is the Italian gentleman’s best friend. If you have multiple breaks on your trousers, a good tailor can do wonders with minor adjustments.

For summer jackets and blazers I recommend going with a slightly shorter sleeve. Tell your tailor that you want to go ¼ inch shorter than your year-round suits. This is a very small and subtle adjustment but makes a huge difference visually.

Finish off either of these looks with non-slip, no-show ankle socks and your favourite shoes. These paired with ankle bearing trousers is a bulletproof summer combination.

Find your summer go-tos, and don’t let go.

In this day and age, when you have a wide range of options at any given price point, you will be able to find something comfortable without compromising style.

Every summer, my linen suit, scoop-neck t-shirts and ankle socks are my three go-to items. A linen suit is a summer necessity to look professional without breaking a sweat. I always stock up on scoop-neck t-shirts in solid white and a few seasonal colours. This year I went for beige and dusty green. For your feet, non-slip no-show ankle socks are a lifesaver. Stock up if you find one that fits you well and wear them in your trainers and dress shoes!

This summer in particular, I am loving my SUICOKE sandals. These Japanese performance sandals transition from urban to nature without compromising style. With their Vibram soles, comfort is guaranteed. Sandals are one of the hottest shoe trends from the Spring/Summer 2018 men’s runways, so make sure to get on this before everyone else. Italian Gentleman are always ahead of the trend.

Choose your colours wisely. 

I tend to gravitate towards whites, soft blues, beige, and olive green. Colours that help me blend into the natural hues of summer. Try to avoid dark navy, charcoal or anything too dark or heavy. These colours absorb a lot of the light and can cause you to overheat.

I wear bracelets all year long but during the summer, I really get to show them off. You can play them up with colour or tone them down with more simple pieces depending on your mood or the occasion.

I also love to use cognac brown briefcases in the summer as opposed to the traditional black. Tiger of Sweden has great fashionable and function options, made with 100% cow leathers. They also have super useful interior pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.

The key is to have specific items fit right in the right places. For instance, on a jacket, make sure it fits well on your shoulders. Not too snug or too big. On a pair of pants, make sure it fits well on your waist.

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