Stone Tile Offers Modern Service and Technology to a Storied Legacy

By Brennan March

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the west end of Toronto on Dublin Street, an old flooring warehouse sits with the words Stone Tile still written above the garage. When Sylvia Benchimol co-founded Stone Tile in that warehouse in 1992 to support her family, she sought to build the future of luxury flooring made with premium materials in modern aesthetics while delivering superior quality and moving the design community forward. 

Today, her son Daniel Sultan continues that legacy as the President of Stone Tile. Armed with an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sultan was dissatisfied with the status quo of the flooring industry. Envisioning a future built on technology, accessibility, and customization, Sultan prepares the brand for a new frontier: a dynamic and convenient website for a one-of-a-kind virtual showroom experience.

Daniel and Sylvia’s combined passion for beautiful surfaces, design, and architecture keeps them at the height of innovation. In 2023, Sultan is ensuring those same principles his mother pioneered are applied to a modern business model.

“We need to adapt and evolve,” says Sultan. “But not forget where we came from.”

Stone Tile’s new site represents a major jump in the company’s evolution – putting them far ahead of lagging competitors. Busy or distant consumers can receive free samples and flooring estimates from anywhere without losing Stone Tile’s personalised experience. It’s no longer essential to book an appointment to measure your floors and wait for a sales representative to get back to you with an unexpected price. Using virtual tools, customers can experiment with different colour schemes and design options. The new site gives an accurate estimate without leaving your house – an industry first.


Contrasting other brands’ impersonal showrooms, Stone Tile’s are as interactive and immersive as the website. The new wood showroom, slab gallery, and complimentary bistros in Toronto and Montreal set an industry standard for comfort and a sense of community. At Stone Tile, you can take a break by grabbing a coffee or bite to eat and come back with a fresh perspective. The slab gallery and bistro additions will be rolled out to Calgary and Vancouver locations next year. 

“Technology has advanced in the tile world,” says Sultan. “[We] can replicate real wood products out of concrete.”

Providing the best services is only part of the equation – Sultan is ensuring social responsibility behind the scenes is just as prioritised. Stone Tile has gone all-in on engineered hardwood, with Daniel and Sylvia travelling the world in pursuit of innovative solutions to stone, tile, and wood products. This new approach streamlines production and produces less waste – customers can be sure their purchase was produced responsibly. 

Forging the future of flooring with quality craftsmanship, Stone Tile’s national decor and design network is regarded as an authority on flooring fashion trends in Canada. Although a luxury brand, Stone Tile maintains its premium quality alongside accessible and inclusive price points. 

Over 30 years later and a long way from Dublin Street, a history of passion, perseverance, and extraordinary growth continues for Stone Tile, a brand paving the way for flooring innovation and excellence. The new site and showrooms will cement the brand as an industry leader in B2C sales and flooring innovation. After watching his mother Sylvia churn success after success since 1992, Daniel is ready, prepared, and innovating in classic Stone Tile excellence in 2023 and beyond.


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