4 Amazing ‘Airbnb Plus’ spots in Toronto

By Sammy Abdo

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Find the design-forward and luxurious homes that Airbnb plus has to offer for a restful staycation in Toronto.

Written by Sammy Abdo

Earlier this year, Airbnb revealed its newest service, “Airbnb Plus,” a selection of luxurious, well-designed homes available in over 14 locations around the world. In order to get the “plus” verification hosts must have obtained 5-star ratings, and extra amenities such as uber-fast WiFi, full kitchens and televisions with worldwide streaming. A whopping 98% of Canadians say amenities impact their travel, with air conditioning/heat and WiFi being the most important to them Among the 14 cities, Toronto was chosen for its soaring views and lively downtown scene. With over 90 spaces that qualify, here are some of the properties that stand out from the rest.

Luxurious Yorkville Mansion- $5,000/night

This extravagant mansion, located in the posh Yorkville neighbourhood provides a variety of relaxing options. No matter how you want to enjoy yourself, whether it’s sleeping, lazing around or working out, the mansion comes equipped with an infinity pool, spa and private gym. With four beds and baths, the pristine living space provides a level of comfort that makes it one of the best places to stay in the city for a large group of friends.

Airbnb plus Toronto.

Exquisite Beaches Home- $625/night

The star of this home is its beautiful backyard pool and hot tub. If the pool doesn’t satisfy your aquatic needs, access to the lake provides the opportunity for a variety of fun activities such as swimming, sailing and more. Different types of paintings—abstract and realism—adorn the halls of the home, reflecting the hosts’ affinity for art. The house has five beds, three bathrooms and a half bathroom, providing a comfortable experience for a large group. It also includes several family-friendly amenities such as baby’s crib and children’s toys, making it perfect for a family getaway.

Modern St. Clair West Family Home- $225/night

This elegant space comes equipped with a gourmet kitchen and spacious patio that houses a barbecue. For those who don’t like cooking on a staycation, the neighbourhood of St. Clair West is a short drive away and has an excellent selection of restaurants such as Pukka, an Indian restaurant that puts a twist on the traditional foods, Mezzetta, a Middle-Eastern restaurant with mezzes, and El Rincon Mexicano, a Mexican restaurant that’s Best Mexican cuisine in Toronto from the Top Choice awards the last two years. With its simple yet pleasing colour palate and spacious design, the home has a modern feel to it.

Airbnb plus Toronto.

Contemporary Riverdale Townhouse- $115/night

The first thing that stands out about this property is its lush, inviting patio, overlooking the Riverdale neighbourhood. Being able to enjoy your favourite drink while watching the beautiful sunset on the terrace is a nice way to finish the day. The contemporary interior adds to the stylish feel of the home, making it a great place to relax in the summer. The close proximity to the Opera concert hall gives the opportunity to enjoy a concert. The home comes with one bed and a private bath, making it great for couples. The neighbourhood is also a desirable destination for young professionals, with businesses catered to that demographic, and the Beaches a short drive away.

Airbnb Plus Toronto.

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