St. Regis Toronto’s Louix Louis is an Ode to Canadian Whisky

By Ross Vernon Dias

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Where: Toronto, ON
What: Restaurant; contemporary American

If Alice had fallen into a glass of whisky instead of the well that led to Wonderland, LOUIX LOUIS would hypothetically be her destination. 

Peering up at ‘Bouquet of Whisky,’ the 60 foot mural painted by Canadian artist Madison van Rijn that depicts mixing liquids and covers the expanse of the high-altitude restaurant’s ceiling, one could only expect to be in a dream world.  

From the ceiling down, the two storey-tall space on the 31st floor of the St. Regis Toronto is richly ornamented with wood, stone, and leather all in shades ranging from a pale gold to a tawny brown—a reflection of the colour spectrum within a glass of Canadian whisky. 

Photos courtesy of LOUIX LOUIS

With over 500 dark spirits behind the Grand Bar, the visual flavour of the room carries through to the table. But if guests can’t find their preferred bottle on the menu, they are invited to bring their own, which the restaurant will store in a dedicated space for the guest’s future visits. 

The menu, by chef Guillaume Robin adds a French touch to North American plates like the Louix Burger that is served with a dollop of triple cream Brie, foie gras and a tomato compote. The visually delightful smoked scallop comes with caviar cream in a pool of beetroot tartare. 

Upon leaving, one wonders if the surreal experience was all just a dream. You’ll have to return to find out.