The Chin Finally Gets a Moment in the Spotlight with New Schick Hydro Campaign

By Erin Nicole Davis

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The chin—arguably the most underappreciated facial feature—is finally having a moment in the spotlight, thanks to a new campaign from Schick Hydro

Acknowledging it was about time that the noble chin finally got the recognition it deserves, the long-time razor brand launched a new, multi-faceted campaign all about celebrating the chin you’re in and embracing your chin-dividuality. 

Photo of man with facial grooming
Photo courtesy of Schick Hydro

Tellingly, Schick Hydro conducted a survey that examined people’s perceptions of the chin. As it turns out, no one really knows what this unique body part is for, making it an often overlooked facial feature. 

In fact, only 16 percent of Canadians reported they think of their chin’s appearance on a regular basis, despite the reliance we have on it by keeping it up to stay positive, moving it to capture that perfect camera angle, or resting it in our hands when in thought (or completely exhausted). 

Furthermore, just one in five Canadians consider the chin one of their top facial features, with only three percent rating it number one. The survey also found that—somewhat shockingly—71 percent of men don’t pay attention to their chins in their grooming routines. 

Three razors against marble counter with grey towel
Photo courtesy of Schick Hydro

Humans are the only species with a chin and it plays a variety of important roles,” said Sumi Ram, Brand Manager, Schick Hydro. “Sadly, the chin doesn’t get the care it deserves. Whether your chin is pointy and sleek, round with dimples, square or doubled, we want you to love your chin and celebrate your ‘chin-dividuality’ with Schick Hydro.”

Central to Schick Hydro’s campaign was the creation of five chin-shape archetypes to help Canadian men identify what their chin type says about them.  

They are as follows: 

Photo of face silhouette with round chinRound Chin (a.k.a. The Hedgehog): Round chins are often perceived as approachable, kind, and understanding. Half of Canadians (49 percent) identify as having a round chin, making it the most common chin type.

silhouette of face with pointy chinPointy Chin (a.k.a. The Dagger): Pointy chins are often seen as assertive, confident, and energetic. Twenty percent of Canadians identify as having a pointy chin, making it the second most common chin type.

silhouette of square chinSquare Chin (a.k.a. The Rocker): The square chin is the most desirable chin type among men, with males likely to perceive them as sexy and attractive. Women, however, are more likely to perceive square chins as stubborn or arrogant. A total of 14 percent of Canadians identify as having a square chin.

silhouette of double chinDouble Chin (a.k.a. The Twin Chin): Double chins are often seen as cuddly, approachable, and quiet. Fourteen percent of Canadians identify as having a double chin.

silhouette of cleft chinCleft Chin (a.k.a. The Lover): Cleft chins are often seen as assertive and confident. Only three percent of Canadians identify as having a cleft chin, making it the least common chin type. Of those with a cleft chin, 71 percent are proud of it.

When men are asked what other type of chins they desire to have, square leads the way (51 percent) followed by round (20 percent), cleft (14 percent), and pointed (13 percent).

Photo courtesy of Schick Hydro

Whatever the chin type, the message is the same: we need to show the chin a little more love. 

“Our chins may still be covered by masks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate this forgotten facial feature and show it some TLC. That is what this campaign is all about,” said Ram. “The Schick® Hydro® Stubble Eraser™ is the perfect razor to take care of your chin, it’s designed to make uncomfortable shaving a thing of the past. This innovative razor allows you to comfortably shave up to seven days of stubble effortlessly.”

At last, it’s the chin’s time to shine (figuratively, at least). 

Photo courtesy of Schick Hydro

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