Riding in Style: Introducing the Louis Vuitton Hand-Crafted Two-Wheeler

By Holly Walker

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Louis Vuitton and Maison TAMBOITE Paris are masters of their craft—the first, transcending luxury fashion, and the latter a trailblazer in artisanal bicycles since 1912. With storied histories spanning generations and a mutual understanding of leather craftsmanship and woodwork, it’s only natural these Parisian pinnacles of elegance have collaborated on a special project: the made-to-order LV Bike.

Inspired by the classic model Maison TAMBOITE is known for, the first-ever LV Bike is hand-crafted in Paris to each clients’ specifications. A functional work of art, the metal framework is both light and strong, made from enamelled and chromed steel promising an even smoother ride. Nods to Louis Vuitton’s heritage can be found throughout the design, including a Monogram flower chainset and an interlocking LV-shaped frame.

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Further setting this bike apart is the use of selected leather, wrapping the handlebars, cables, and saddle, which has shock-absorbent springs to ensure a comfortable cruise. Riders can indulge in a choice between two models featuring a step-through with a basket at the front, or a closed frame with a luggage rack at the rear with sprinklings of the iconic LV monogram the world has come to know and adore.

The history of both brands is evident in the call-backs to classic old-world charm found in the wooden accents dressing the rims and mudguards. Louis Vuitton and Maison TAMBOITE have however ridden excellently into the 21st century by equipping the bike with discrete LED lights and a built-in tracker with a dedicated app, seamlessly blending luxury with modernity.

Known for their ability to fuse exclusivity with craftsmanship, this collaboration is no exception. Available in five colours in the permanent collection including Monogram Red and Damier Graphite, riders can add their personal touch to each bike by hot-stamping initials above the back wheel or on the bike’s frame towards the front making it a one-of-a-kind ride. The LV Bike invites wanderlust and curiosity sure to deliver a moment of escape. $35,000 US

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